From the sororal suffering of Antigone, to the cathartic revenge of Edmond Dantes, for as long as art has been, people have been desperately trying, in vain, to capture the essence of what it is to be human.

People don’t come with instruction booklets. We all know that. Our mortality and more specifically the fleeting nature of time help shape our lives, give us motivation to achieve, create, love, connect with others, and seek out the beauty of art and prose.

We all want and need the same things- clean air and water, good food, a place to sleep, a safe environment and loved ones to help us when we can’t help ourselves. To Nurture one another, to care, to hold, to help and to love is to be human. It is the most important thing we can do. It is the foundation of not only our society but of everything that we are.

For a species with so much in common, we fight amongst ourselves so often about so many petulant grievances. And we seem to embrace anger and deep anxiety as if they were something helpful and useful instead of being the adrenaline-fueled precursor to impending pain and debilitation.

An environment of respect cannot be predicated on anything but a mutual understanding of the inherent value of life. If Nurture is synonymous with Humanity, then everyone must acknowledge the Equality of each other. But being Human is not the same as Humanity.

Humanity = Nurture may be the overriding objective of human society.

Being Human is often our simple excuse for not attaining Humanity.

Humanity is effortful.
It requires every day push against the pull of SLANT (being human).
It requires the development of a conscious conscience.
It requires the development of a sophisticated subconscious.
It requires the constant cultivation of our corporal being.  

To know passion and apathy, love and hatred, acceptance and bigotry, comfort and fear, peace and violence, certainty and doubt- these are Truths of the human experience. We all share them, on some conscious, subconscious and visceral level. We all know their mark- each to different degrees and measures, but there they are.  

The purest nexus of Being Human and Humanity is the moment as we wake, between conscious and subsconscious, between reality and dream, between loving ourselves and facing ourselves.  That is the essence of humanity.

We at Y Worlds are building a system that continuously explores the human experience. Help us construct a new world that is built upon a deeper understanding of humanity.

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