We’re just about to open the doors to Y Worlds.

During the second week in September everyone who has connected with us will be invited to contribute, create, participate, edit, and lead.

We’re taking on 7 development projects. We’re partnering with some of you for co-development and investment. And we are going to redesign the working website and its functionality around our commons.

This is a cooperative.
This is an economic system.
This is a knowledge system.
This is a system of sustainable activity and reward.
This is a system of exchange and value.

After talking with many of you, we understand that what we are proposing is both new and somewhat cryptic. While many exciting people and organizations are participating, our thoughts and work must speak for themselves. We believe in sharing our stories of exactly what we believe, what we are doing, where we are headed and what principles are our guide.

So, the complexity and scale of what we are embarking on, with a slim set of core principles and a gigantic agenda, is expressed through the Y Worlds web site and this blog.

Beginning in September, the wiki framework of Y Worlds will become the home for a lot of new expression focused on technology, semiotic language, knowledge construction and joint action projects that are sustainable, scalable and powerful.

So, with a spirit for adventure, here is the core Minneapolis, Minnesota based team with a corresponding expression map.

More to come. Watch for our communications leading up to the second week in September.

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