All of us have a secret self –thousands of private thoughts and feelings, our millions of daily functions and our unique sense of being.

We are a self-assembled organism. We are the embodiment of a long generative chain of ancestral matter, energy and programming. We are the product of our genetic heritage and code, the material that makes us, and our life experience. And when we are born, we continue the generative process within.

Here is a simple way to represent our complex selves.

Our Corporal being runs on its own most of the time. From nano to macro, everything in our body is programmed. Even the billions of microbes living on and within us are programmed.
And much of that programming is systemic, meaning what happens is the result of interactions and not just the result of isolated programming acting on isolated matter and energy.

Our Subconscious processes what is going on within and about, below the surface of our Consciousness. We might be feeling kind of tired today, but until we bring that feeling to Conscious awareness, that tired feeling rides below the surface of complete awareness. Our priorities, biases, needs and desires can live in our Subconscious and never see the light of Conscious recognition.

Remember, this is a representation of ourselves – not the way our being actually does its job. We are our corporal being. But representing conscious and subconscious as distinct model elements lets us into the complexities of the processing of our brain and being, and every relationship we will have with ourselves and the world around us.

And our Conscious self, the part of us that we are aware of by definition, floats in and out when called upon to make decisions or process something that rises above the noise of the body and background. We think the Conscious is what happens when an ant comes to a Y in the road and must choose left or right without any significant pre-programming or clues to choose.

The three representational components of our Y Person model
are a cohesive systemic way to view ourselves.

Our Subconscious can modify the programming of our body.
Our Corporal body can influence the states of our subconscious and conscious.
Our Conscious, and the ant’s conscious, can evolve and teach itself. Our Conscious can increasingly override or deflect the programming of our body and our Subconscious.

Our Conscious can program portions of our Subconscious.

In Complexity is the realization of our Consciousness.
What we mean by this phrase is that our evolution is dependent upon the development of our conscious to understand and embrace the complexities and systems that power the universe. We can be what we need to be.

SLANT is the trap of experiencing the past as the pathway to the future.
It is hard frustrating work to overcome the SLANT of our inheritance, our language, our programming, our life experience. It is hard to exert a fresh, independent and wholly
systemic perspective about ourselves, the human centric world we have constructed,
and the matter and energy of the universe.

Y Worlds is a large scale conscious cooperative effort to redefine our objectives and the constructs that drive our thought and behavior. There is no mystery to our conscious objectives. They are Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems.

If you have a feeling, if you have a conscious notion, that the major systems that comprise our world are broken, lets figure out a better way to understand everything, lets figure out a better way to communicate, and then lets figure out a better way to live.

The Y Person Model is one of many of our wiki initiatives that you can help develop.

We have no hidden agenda. We are building a scalable sustainable cooperative that will take on everything we value. Our Y Worlds web site, and forthcoming enhancements, are transparent – every step we take together is right there in front of you.
In two weeks, we will ask you to step in.

Learn more about Y Worlds, Y Person Model, and Join Y Worlds



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