Every human being leaves a LegacY.
Everything, life and matter:energy, leaves ripples and chain reactions that travel short distances or the length and breadth of the world.

Every human action changes “what is”. Collectively, we see only a tiny fraction of the acts and effects of humans living their lives.

And most often, when we see a LegacY, or live it, it is scarcely recognized or remembered.
A human LegacY is an act or expression that conveys meaning to the observer. The more the meaning, the greater the LegacY.

In living our lives, Legacy can be found
in the corners of simple moments and brief exchanges
or in the bright lawn of sunlight where many can see an act of kindness,
an act of resilience,
an act of bravery,
an act of intelligence and invention,
an act of construction,
an act of creation,
an act that bridges and connects and inspires.

It is the history of history that LegacY in the commons is very poorly recorded, and very inaccurate. Most portrayed heroic figures were figments of the truth. Most private acts of substantial LegacY remained private. Women are barely a part of older history books.
Young people are a footnote. People from certain continents hardly seem to have existed.

Few of us capture our individual history in a way that pulls the richness of LegacY out from the soon to be forgotten noise. What we do remember of our lives become our personal LegacY moments.

An act of LegacY in Y Worlds must affect the world, a person, a moment, a potential, in a distinctly positive fashion based upon Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems. The effects may be localized or far flung, personal or public, simple or complex, small or large, generative or finite.

At Y Worlds, we strongly believe in the recognition and reward of people, moments and expression that leave the world richer and better than it was. And we believe each recorded LegacY should stand the test of time, to be browsed and searched and viewed and remembered as the fibers in the fabric of a better world.
=Our web site requests contributions of any and every LegacY in the world that contributes to Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems excellence. Recognize someone or some group in the world and we will spread the word and keep that LegacY for all to see. It becomes part of the human record. And we know this formality called LegacY is no more valuable that a simple expression of thanks, an acknowledgment of effort or creation, a recognition of meaning and joy and hope.

LegacY. Y Worlds. Thanks for taking the time to explore with us.

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