7 billion people in the world are wishing things were better.

For themselves, for people they know and care about.
For people they do not know but care about.
For animals and ecosystems and economies and security.
For a way to get clean water, grow food, sustain oneself, be able to at least dip into
the stream of resources and potential flowing past.
For a way to find smarter, more caring leaders.
For access to more human warmth.

7 billion people know we can do much better. We know we can do much better.
And sadly, we also know things can get worse, and things do, in fact, seem to be heading in that direction on many fronts. The wrong direction.

So what is the right direction.
At Y Worlds we say it is Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems. Easy to say. Hard to understand. Complex to do. Yes, we know that.


Thousands of individuals and groups are appearing on the internet, and in terrestrial life, to address the thoughts and actions necessary to make things better. These activators take various forms and approach change across manifold dimensions.

There are political action groups. Social action groups. Groups focused on sustainability, on ecobalance, on violence, on food, on alternative systems of economy, lifestyle and currency.

Constructs such as collaboration, collective commons, peer to peer, self-sufficiency, sharing, openness, community, inclusiveness, globalist and minimalist are gaining traction and believers.

At Y Worlds, we understand complexity by understanding the world. We exist because dynamos of programmed matter and energy continuously exchanged until bonds were formed, then simple structures, then more complex structures until forms of life began to emerge. Each form of life, and each living entity, tried its hand at sustaining itself and generating new forms of itself – slowly evolving into dynamic yet sustainable life on earth.

What we think of as the modern cognitive human has existed for only hundreds of years.
Many of us live in SLANT. Growing numbers of us realize we are caught in a disastrous cycle of inherited short term frameworks and misunderstandings. Seven Billion of us see progress and hope in the activism emerging from many quarters. But we do not seem to see the system that is required to transform us from SLANT to NETS.

Here is what we think is required for full activation:

First, the diversity of activation efforts is like the diversity of life. A multitude of generative experimentation is required in order to ensure that the best features rise to the surface and take hold in the earth. Inclusiveness and diversity of thought and action are necessary – but can and should be focused more and more on the best NETS features.

Then, like any form of life, the species, mutations and singularities that grow and prosper on earth all find unique access to nutrients and cooperative ecologies, to energy and security, and to programming and functionalities that give them an opportunity to emerge stronger with every generative cycle. Activation requires systemic intelligence coupled with sustaining environments and exceptional interaction with the world.

Simply put, we need to create and place DYNAMOS
—generative seed projects that are robust, hardy, scalable, revolutionary – in places where they can grow strong roots.

A new visual language
A global cooperative value banking system – economic system
Change Process Kits
Proof Process Kits
An organic financial investment enterprise
A marketplace for NETS
An institute for knowledge mapping and distribution

Finally, the world is what it is. It already exists with powerful manifestations that have taken hold with the potential to overwhelm other forms of vital life – like us.

We believe in a hybrid change model. We divert and deploy the inherited currencies of money, wealth, power and influence to build a better world. At the same time we invent new forms of value, systems and exchange that make the inherited models obsolete.

Understand. Communicate. Organize.
Gather Resources. Energize. Focus.
Activate. Review. Adapt. Repeat.


YWorlds. Activation.

Data from 100people.org

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