Why is a sport with the objective of brain damage and concussion still a favorite? Boxing.
Why is the “R” WORD still used by media and the public when alternatives exist? Redskins. DC.
Can’t we invent a cool new sport?  Big Ball Bike Basketball.

Our Body
What is the best way to clean our hands? Safe. Effective. Green.
What gets absorbed through our skin into internal cells and the bloodstream? Toxic Permeation.

Isn’t fracking fricking polluting? Contamination.
Who owns the oil and water under our feet? Commons.

Do the chemicals lining cans, lining cereal packaging, and within plastics get into us? Leach.
Is modern gum made of modern plastic? Yum. Yup.

On what shore do US banks, corporations and investment firms hide enormous $’s? Off.
Why is it legal for rich people to be levied less tax than people with moderate means? Audacity.

Computer Networks
When will the computer cloud rain on us? Privacy. Control. Fees.
Who owns the pipes we all use for bandwidth? Handful.

Public Education
How does public education connect with the real world out here? Short Circuit.

How did government become a thing rather than us? Us.

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