The applications of the Internet and Computer Aided Life to specifically enable humanity have been coincidental and certainly not concerted. We stumbled upon the good. Now it’s time to focus the potential of Computer Aided Life on nurture and equality.

At Y Worlds, our highest level view of the world is NETS: Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems. Utilizing gaming and technology, we can address the fundamental needs of people within the modern world – and begin to build a new approach.

There are computer aided experiences that have a specific purpose – education, entertainment, stimulation, communication, exchange, creation.

Y Worlds believes that computer aided experiences should focus less on the game aspect and much much more on the life aspect. Computer Aided Life can bring essential meanings to our lives. Computer Aided LIfe can deliver essential value. Computer Aided Life can deliver on your objectives.

Look at the power of a relatively simple form of self expression – Dys4ia.

One opportunity is to tell very personal stories that deliver powerful and often universal understandings. Some people are born feeling out of place, as if the body they have isn’t really their own. Anna Anthropy, a transgender woman, was one such person. For most of her life, she struggled to cope with her gender dysphoria.

Those very experiences inspired her to create the game Dys4ia, as a very brief introduction to the kinds of challenges that transgender people face in their everyday lives. In many ways, she made the “game” as much to help herself as she did to give a voice to others and to educate those who will never live through that particular set of experiences.

Operating within the Y Person model of understanding, we can learn from Dys4ia about the interaction between the conscious, subconscious or corporal aspects of her being as she sought to align her physical presence with what she knew about herself and the world around her.

She allows us to come intimately close. And her introduction into her being and her life is profound – more powerful, effective and accurate than the traditional surface writing and surface talk. She creates, shares, and educates so that we may move towards a more Nurturing environment, built upon a clearer vision of the Truth of her human experience. She uses multimedia to express essences of her life experience, her frustration, her pain, and the interaction with the people and systems around her.

Computer aided works like Dys4ia can give us a depth of perspective that very few media can offer, and they are a valuable step in helping prevent oppression. As the privileged come to fully comprehend the extent of the suffering of others, they might just begin taking more proactive steps to prevent it.

Dys4ia fulfills a small fraction of the total potential we have available to us through interactive media.

People need other people. It is in our nature to love, share and be with others. Without others we cannot thrive. Recognizing that, some game developers have taken it upon themselves to create software that exists for the sole purpose of helping  those in the most severe conditions hold onto those pieces of the human experience which allow us to be most resilient. They are creating software that can mimic social interaction for those in isolation. Even though these people are alone, they can still receive the support and care they want and need to pull through.

We are at the threshold – just beginning to realize the extraordinary potential of Computer Aided Life. There is so much more that technology and “gaming” can accomplish. We at Y Worlds invite you to help us design projects that begin to take full advantage of the emerging creative science available to us. We can use interactivity to communicate semiotic models that can help people learn about and understand the world around them – pursuit of Truth and Systems. We can use interactivity to help establish tight-knit communities that offer Nurture and Equality.

How much of this potential we can tap is largely up to you. Jump into a working group and start collaborating with other people. Tell your story, help others tell theirs or simply fuel the engine of ideas that will create the next generation of communication and connection.

Computer Aided Life

There is story telling. There is browse and search. There is knowledge and complexity. There is what you want or need. There is what you want to share or build. There is expression and experience. There is pure stimulation and entertainment. There is art and beauty.There is education and voice. There is documentation and proof. There is matching a with b. There is enterprise and surprise. There is organization and communication.

Y WorldsWe would like to create a Computer Aided World that enables a Computer Aided Life that enables Life.

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