The thing about beliefs is that they are formed by a combination of hereditary programming, life experiences and the interactions among the conscious, subconscious and corporal functions of our mind. They are influenced by the context of the moment. Consciously expressed beliefs may not be consistent with subconscious beliefs.

Beliefs are most often what we inherit. They are formed by very simple constructs that drive the expansion of those initial beliefs. If we believe something is solidly bad to begin with, or solidly wrong to begin with, then it will take an enormous amount of effort to change that belief set – which comes with a wide assortment of accoutrements.

It takes a lot of light bulbs to change a mind. How many light bulbs does it take to change a mind? The answer:

It takes either one big bright long lasting light bulb, or thousands of small energy efficient light bulbs, to turn a person on to new ideas – to change a mind.

At Y Worlds we are interested in understanding what everyone believes, and how it came to pass that those beliefs formed. We respect the dignity and freedom and equality of one’s beliefs.

But we listen carefully to the expression of any beliefs. First we listen for the objectives and motives of the believer. 

We listen for signs of Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems in the derivation and foundation of the beliefs. 

We look for consistency among the behaviors of the individual, their overt actions, and the beliefs they express. 

We look for a Proof Process. How did they come to their beliefs, what was the derivation, source, validation? 

We look for a history of beliefs that stand the test of a diligent open rational inquiring mind. Trust. 

We look for life experiences and story telling that embrace the diversity and complexity of life. 

We look for warmth and compassion, not anger and hate. We look for the joy of learning, sharing, thinking, studying and synthesizing.

At Y Worlds, we have a perspective that values every individual equally. But that essential universal perception of equality is part of a belief system that demands assessment and feedback loops formed around two systemic proofs:

In the study of human existence, we have come to believe:

If humans focused on nurturing each other, as equals, and collaborating to create distributed systems for that purpose, the world would be a far better place for all of us now and into the future.

If humans pursued a collaborative understanding of everything that centered around systems and the transparent processes needed to extract, synthesize and communicate evidence based knowledge, the results would be a world with greater self sufficiency, sustainability and distributed wealth.

Ask not what your country or neighbor believes. Ask how they believe.

Y Worlds. We first ask how. Then Y. Then why not.

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