I am in the kitchen with Dinah. I am strumming on the old banjo. Doing some deep thinking as I look around – singing my songs, stompin’ my feet, scaring the dogs.

Here are the questions that bubbled up about everyday life in the kitchen. Ask your own questions as well.

If you have an answer via a reference, proof or comprehensive thought process to any of these questions, please share them with us. We will bring this evolving segment into our Y Worlds web site.

We are most interested in the highest level answers to these questions, along with the homework and source.

1. When we eat something, what forms of matter (scale, proteins, life forms, carbon chains, molecules, atoms, nano particles etc.) enter our bloodstream, our cells, our organs, our brain and what gets expelled? What is the progression of forms of matter and the progression of integration and utilization of the matter in our body?

If you eat an apple, how do we understand its conversion in our body into what nurtures, what is neutral and what is damaging to potential?
If we were to account for every molecule and protein in the apple, the question simply is – where does the apple go?
Given a better understanding, what foods do us the most good?

2. When we clean our hands with soap and water and clean the counter with some spray, how does all of the chemistry and biology work? What is clean? What are soaps and what do they do? 

Are my hands free from harmful bacteria after they are washed?
Is the counter free from harmful bacteria after is it sprayed? (What damage is caused across body and biome by cleaning agents.. triclosan (hormones), alcohols (cell disruptions), antibiotics (superbacteria) etc.?)
How long do bacteria and viruses survive on a granite countertop if they are not disturbed?
Which ingredients work best to neutralize the risk of contracting something damaging?
What are the systemic consequences of constant washing and spraying on the mircrobiome – do some become resistant, do some mutate, are some beneficial yet we just destroyed them?
If we could see every colony of potentially harmful biomes in the kitchen, what would the picture look like? Before spraying? After spraying?
What ingredients are in the cleaners and soaps that may be harmful to us?
What are the best things we should do to be sanitary and sane in the kitchen?

3. What gets absorbed into the workings of our body through the top layers of our skins? How does absorption work and how far will something topical travel in my body? If it gets past the surface layers of skin, where does it end up?

4. What happens to the matter and microorganisms in the microwave when I turn it on? What happens to the plastic packaging and sealing materials? This could become a great banjo song.

5. Industrial strength dishwasher soap seems like a pretty intense concoction. How much of it remains on plates and glasses and utensils after a typical wash cycle? Industrial strength washing machine soaps are similarly intense. Do they get onto us and into us causing inflammations and reactions? We are now learning about nano particles and micro spheres in these products that act as abrasives but never break down, to be eaten by humans, fish, and other living things! What do we know about ingredients and cause/effects?

We are troubled by a pervasive feeling that we do not understand adequately the foundational proofs for the high value decisions we make in the kitchens of life. Y Worlds is determined to pursue answers to these and many more essential questions.

Here are some great references to start your research. Share other references with us.
Environmental Working Group
Better World Shopper

Y Worlds. Answer me this. Please.

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