We think about ourselves as I.

As if there is a single snapshot of our essence that defines us.

The concept “I” is a figment of SLANT. There is no “I” in human.

We are a dynamic being and dynamic mental construct.

We are our pre-programming, our matter and energy, our life experience, our systems and our context – wrapped up in an everchanging  conscious, subconscious and corporal life form.

If you are true to yourself, you will understand you can never be true to yourself.  But you can approach being true to certain measurable objectives. Choosing Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems provides a scaffolding to gauge where the complex composition that defines you is on your journey, and provides feedback that can guide your composition toward future potential.

There is no definitive you. There is no definitive me. There is no definitive I.

There is a magnificently complex generative composition that grows into its future.

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2 thoughts on “I

  1. “Sri Bhagavan told the doctor: “You must distinguish between the ‘I’, pure in itself, and the ‘I’- thought.” Even the I-as-being is not definitive, but it certainly has a greater awareness of the subconscious than the intellect.

  2. Thanks Dan. The construct of complexity requires that we try to experience and imagine the complexity since it will never sit still for us in all of its glory and detail. For the human being, my study and thought, the process of consilience, and references to Sri Bhagavan and many others, including you, suggest humans can be understood as seeded autopoietic organisms that consist of matter and energy, extraordinary expressions of matter and energy, programming and environment, and functionally as an ontology consisting of corporal, conscious and subconscious, and our interactions among these variables, and between these variables and everything else. The act of defining ourselves specifically and dogmatically programs us toward that destiny. The act of embracing Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems enables us to find those journeys and approach that destiny. Alan

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