I should know something about real spies. Anyone who has worked with government signal and image processing does.

I am very concerned about constitutional protections for privacy and freedom of belief and expression. I am very concerned about unconstitutional warrantless search and unwarranted privacy invasion.

But when I consciously and subconsciously examine what I fear most from spying, it is not from governmental spying, not from governmental tracking of phone calls placed and received, not from satellite surveillance, not from automatic identification of certain web and phone activities and content. Yes, eternal vigilance against any government abuse of spying is a basic necessity.

However, the spies I most fear are the private thunderclouds of Google, Microsoft and Apple and the small number of massive private financial and data companies monitoring our web and phone data and transactions. They have no significant oversight. Their motives are profits, not liberties. How they handle all of our very private information is certainly not transparent, and is actually quite a mystery. They make money from our own data, yet somehow, we do not. They know what we like to buy, who we communicate with, where we go, what we believe, who we donate to, and enough about how we live our lives to be our own personal anthropologists and historians.

We have no protection from their private thunderclouds.

Our government spies have judges and courts, whistleblowers, opposition parties, local/regional/state interests, and the sheer diversity of participants, to try to hold to the liberties, freedoms and protocols of our Constitution.

I most fear that we have elected a class of politicians who misrepresent us and our constitution, who in turn select judges at all levels who do not carry constitutional principles into their conscious and subconscious deliberations.

I most fear 4 supreme court justices who have voted against our constitutional protections and aspirations time and time again.

It is private sector spying that is the greatest threat to our liberties. It is the thundercloud. And the elected representatives and elected/appointed judges are a greater threat because they enable a small number of massive companies to control us, to force us through their drawbridges, to entice us to travel down their closely monitored monopolistic paths, before we reach our once private destination.

We believe in an open and diligent proof process for everything systemic. Let our government show us every day, proactively, that they are behaving in accordance with our constitution and with our best interests. Let our private sector also prove to us, every day, proactively, that they are behaving in accordance with constitutional best practices. And let our elected officials and judges document through a proof process that their decisions were guided by constitutional principles, and not by beliefs plucked out of polarized political air.

Companies are not citizens. Companies are manifestations of their owners. Governments are not citizens. Governments are manifestation of their citizens through representatives.

At Y Worlds we spy on the spies. We are only interested in Nurture, Equality, Truth and their necessary support Systems. And we know there is no absolute Truth, but there is a proof process that approaches the Truth. Run through your own proof process and see if you end up worrying more about the spies among the for-profit thunderclouds or the spies hired by us to protect us from the terrors among us. Lets us know what you think. And why. Systemically.

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0 thoughts on “I Spy

  1. Alan,
    My view is we the people need a “Privacy Act 28th Amendment to the Constitution.” Today private companies have more power than any King, Queen or Pope every dreamed of in ruling the masses of people. We live in a market driven global economy demanding our engagement or die trying to get money in the systemic institutional system. The fact is our transactional configurations in living our dependent on the trust we share in harnessing human commitments to our passionate desires in our humanness not markets demanding obedience and negating creative intelligence. Corporations were created in the 15th Century to deal with the issue of a soul’s responsibility for the common good. Today corporations under USA law are equal to human beings which is nonsense. Until we as a people distinguish our human creative intelligence from the mechanics of systemic historic assumptions in our history? We are lost in spying, distrust, confusion and complexity of “Get Money or Eat Dirt” as the central design pattern for organizing the nurturing notion of truth in Y Worlds.

    Later Mushin

  2. Thanks Mushin. “Get Money or Eat Dirt” , “Get Connectivity by Giving Away Your Privacy”, “Get a Certified Education by Becoming a Debtor”, “Get a Job by Giving Away Part of Your Soul” can all be banner headlines.
    We The People enable Corporate existence. We can do better at causing them to do better. Alan

  3. Corporations and governments have become self-sustaining entities whose only purpose is surviving and expanding. The humans who supposedly control them are usually just cogs in the machine that are all replaceable. When a corporation is in business as usual mode (not being aggressively legally shut down or just failing somehow) it is very powerful. Its goal is always more growth and new territories and more power -like a biological organism, it will grow until it cannot grow. The orignal purpose, that was to make some product or maintain a society to a good standard of living, has become at most secondary or just a superfluous side-affect. In very large organisations, no-one has any control. any action comes from programmed evolved emergent behaviors that arise from the system wide established protocols. Any attempt at radical change to these systems are blocked by laws and deniability and passing-the-buck and all the standard “im sorry hes not available right now”, “sorry I dont have the authority to..”, “oh but the jobs!/shareholders!/taxpayers!”, “we didnt know it was illegal”, “it was an accident”… all of these behaviors are evolved emergent mechanisms to allow business as usual. Legal subversion, evasion and grey-areas are standard.
    All basic individual human rights are just irrelevant hindrances to these hive mind amalgams. They are not citizens (well legally maybe) but they are becoming coherent entities evolving nasty aggressive personalities and attitudes. Corporations are have infested governments and injected them with their lies and tainted legal DNA its all very Darwinian (Also very very Orwellian now too). Laws are not about freedom, liberty and justice. All of those concepts are long dead unfortunately. Its now greed, slavery and law. Its getting quite scary how trapped everyone is and also how ignorant most people are of how under control they are. Freedom is slavery. War is Peace. Ignorance is Strength. That is the new slogan for western capitalist democracy. The people have no power and have been kept stupid by hardcore propaganda spouting terrorism and siege like fox news (in USA) so that they have no credibility and dont even know reality.

  4. Thanks Dichotomous. We feel thoughts similar to yours but are trying to apply a NETS based systemic context to how we look at the world. While we feel your pain and more, we see millions of often younger people creating forms of enterprise that have a beauty and passion to them, without tyranny and dogma. We see folks like Richard Branson (his new Plan B initiative) realizing that they need to re-imagine the corporation as an entity. OUr belief is that unless Nurture, Equality and Truth can become our objectives, unless we begin to understand how we are programmed at birth and by life experience to have certain momentums that we have to recognize and often overcome, unless we can think and communicate accurate systemic understandings, and unless we can create a valuing system that rewards a commons based collaborative, we will continue down the path we are headed with various forms of catastrophe and rebirth at the end of the line. We are trying to frame a clear systemic narrative that many of us can support and build – together. Alan

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