Why Music Makes our Brain Sing by Robert J. Zatorre and Valorie N. Salimpoor, discusses how and why music, an intangible thing, can convey inherent meaning and give us great value.

At Y Worlds, we think the words “music” and “sound” mask the reality of what they reference. Our body is programmed to processes the vibrations of, and the forces interacting with, our skin and eardrums and hair. We organize these patterns of exchange and can instantly connect to other associated patterns – you hear a song that brings your memory distinctly to an experience years before, you hear a chord that just connects with your programming, you hear an audience react with you – giving the experience greater resonance, you hear a nuance in a person’s voice that tells a very different story than the words alone, you take a moment to consciously experience the sound and feeling of the wind,  (if you are visually blind)  you construct an entire patterned world around sounds and non-visual senses, you can remember over a lifetime and detect in a instant a single off key note in a familiar song. We are wired for sound but do much less with this incredible source of input and meaning than our potential allows.

Enjoy some music and sound samples from the amazing John Keston:

Enjoy some of our selected Y Worlds pieces:

John Keston’s website- Audio Cookbook and Soundcloud.
Read more about Sound.

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