Newton’s First Law of Motion: Every object continues in its state of rest, or of uniform motion in a straight line, unless compelled to change that state by external forces acted upon it.

We are all objects of a sort. 

In groups, we are the most powerful creatures on earth.
Alone, we are one among the creatures of the earth.

Together, with access to knowledge and resources, we can move mountains of opportunity.
Alone, and at rest, we tend to stay at rest. 

As families and tribes, we move toward common goals. 
Alone and in motion, we tend to keep in the same motion along a familiar path.
As civilizations, we dance down roads not taken to the beat of unfamiliar sounds.

Relationships are external forces.
Our own conscious is an external force. It operates outside of our inheritance and experience.
We are the forces that create motion, direct motion, and accelerate motion.

At Y Worlds, we are building a world. A compassionate, sustainable, scalable world
We are, after all, a Cooperative.
With an evolving universally adaptive systemic language.
With a peer to peer based theme of shared wealth and resources. 
With a rebuilt knowledge engine powered by a mediated systemic wiki.


What differentiates Y Worlds from every previous attempt to engage the human potential? 

We are going to operate and grow right before your eyes through Y Worlds.
We are inclined to think very big in terms of scale and impact – global – universal – sustainable.
We are going to focus on developing strong and vital peer systems

We have 3 very big ideas:
An empowering new systemic language to understand and organize
A compassionate cooperative framework powered by Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems
A high value meta exchange that is free to every individual on earth, 
    and generates commons wealth 
    (via commercial use patents, licenses, partnerships, trade, investments and intellectual
          to distribute among us – to sustain and vitalize and gift

Our scale: Meta
Our models: Universal
Our objective and process: NETS
Our value added: Semiotic & Systemic Revolution
Our organization: a Free Sharing Commons
Our currencies: knowledge, $, trade, legacY, Y Notes, commons assets, compassion, trust
Our action: Mass & Person
Our mechanism: eMotion
Our return on investment: Meaning, Comfort and Vitality

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