The black box is what we know about ourselves and our world.
Around the black box is our representation of what is.


We need to know what we do not know.
We need to know that what we do know is limited and likely to be incomplete.

Here are some of the bits that we think we know:

1) Our bodies are very complex mechanisms that depend heavily upon the inputs and experiences from conception to age three. Each of us is unique, and how our own bodies and minds work are often not generalizable to the masses, yet recognizable via pattern matching.

2) Our storage of wealth is based upon inheritance and is characterized by the distribution of tokens allocated by an increasingly skewed and unfair power structure.

3) Our emerging footprint is exponential, larger than necessary, unsustainable.

4) We live without common objectives, without a common language, and without the capacity to engage in complex systemic interactions based upon validatable sources of knowledge.



5) The minds of many of us, from young to old, are full of SLANT and feel disoriented in the maelstrom of a changing world, unable to experience a wayfinding that supports Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems.

6) The institutions constructed by our ancestors remain in many ways dominant, and are in the context of NETS more contributors of SLANT than the pursuit of a caring, sustainable life.

7) The wealth of the world is immense, and if distributed wisely and fairly, would eliminate the life and death struggles that impact billions of people each year.



8) If the earth’s future inhabitants get with the program, they will look back at us as primitive, just as we look back at our early ancestors and regard them as primitive. And both views will miss the point.  That primitive – the caring, no away, small footprint, sustainable, earth loving, permaculture based, animal loving, plant loving, healthy, safe, knowledge driven, indigenous wisdom kind – is exactly what we need.

Y Worlds. We know we don’t know. But we are always open, collaborative and in pursuit.

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