Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems (NETS)  are our cellular systemic models. They have been developed by Alan Yelsey, a US educational psychologist, with help from Dan Durrant, an Australian systemist, and as with anything from Y Worlds, NETS will always be a work in progress – open to the proof processes and thoughts of everyone.

NETS is an effort to provide everyone on earth with a universally adaptive lens that overcomes the momentum of SLANT. SLANT is a construct that refers to the tendency of all of us to inherit our genetic programming and life experience programming without the will, capacity or collaborative support to gain a fresh systemic perspective that might serve us better.


We believe all of us are complex mixes of subconscious, conscious and corporal mechanisms. Alan believes that if we were to reduce all of what we have learned about ourselves and our world across the centuries, it would be that everyone and everything would benefit if each of us woke up every morning and instantly applied to ourselves, to those around us, and to everything in world, the principles and cognitive constructs, checklists and objectives defined loosely by the words, Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems, and semiotically represented as complex constructs by using small ontological groupings of dynamic cellular models.

Human beings are not institutions. We are ones.

NETS suggests that from birth a human being should experience full nurture, a sense of love and love of oneself, nutrition and rich life experiences, safety and health, a support system that never ends, a learning and teaching agenda that never ends, an opportunity to reach one’s potential that never ends and a sense of self and others that supports never-ending equality and justice.

As we see ourselves and our world, the lens that most benefits all of us must include a commitment to pursue Truth, which means the collaborative creation of systemic proofs that correlate what we think we know into systemic constructs that represent our best understanding of anything complex, complete with alternative evidence and accompanying views and proofs.

But what NETS does is define a viewpoint. The essential value of NETS is that it proposes a viewpoint that programs our conscious, subconscious and corporal being to be and beget compassion, vitalization, openness, thoughtfulness, and logic knowledge via models of evidence, proof, and freedom balanced by a collaborative commons.

For Alan and all those applying NETS, the existing inherited world, SLANT, looks unimaginably chaotic, deliberately hurtful and incapable of achieving its potentials. If each of us looked at the problems of the world today from lenses of Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems, we would instantly observe that very few people with SWAY (power and influence) are dedicated to Nurture or Equality or Truth or beneficial Systems.


That millions of people wishing to find useful sustaining work in many countries cannot be mobilized to become a part of the investment in, and rebuilding of, failing cities, failing rural communities, and aging infrastructures is a crime against humanity. That crime and imprisonment is rampant, is a crime against humanity when any effective, early and sustained caring scaffolds of education, support and organized project work would reduce the motivation for people to hurt each other. That any human being tolerates elected representatives operating with a minimal commitment to Nurturing us, helping us achieve Equality, or speaking or pursuing fully vetted truths is a crime against humanity. That trillions of dollars cycle among financial and industrial entities without becoming working capital investments in making real things with real people for real people is a crime against humanity.

When we watch and listen for Nurture, at each and every cellular layer, we cannot be fooled.
When we watch and listen for Equality for everyone, at each and every cellular layer, we cannot be fooled.
When we watch and listen for the unremitted pursuit of systemic Truth, through proofs at each and every level, we cannot be fooled.

There is SLANT. And there is NETS.

Lets briefly apply NETS to the Florida case of a 17 year old person labelled black being confronted and killed by a 29 year old person labelled white.

We start with a proof process using our systemic analysis of Nurture, Equality and Truth.

We start with the scaffolding first. Then apply it to the killing of a 17 year old boy by a 29 year old man. And then apply it to the Florida mechanisms formed to deter harm and apply punishment.

The 17 year old conducted himself during the incident with full nurture, no intent to harm, while living in an environment that was limited in its nurture of him.

Trayvon Martin- Nurture (Click to Enlarge)

Trayvon Martin- Nurture (Click to Enlarge)

He believed his rights and sense of self were equal to any other. His knowledge of people, systems and behavior was limited by his age, by his education and by his life experience. There was nothing before the incident to indicate he was consciously or subconsciously thinking of harming himself or others.

Trayvon Martin- Equality (Click to Enlarge)

Trayvon Martin- Equality (Click to Enlarge)

He was immersed in his particular cohort’s version of SLANT. One of the features of this immersion included a belief that he would be less respected by his immediate relations and himself if he did not physically and verbally stand up for his concept of respect.

Trayvon Martin- Truth (Click to Enlarge)

Trayvon Martin- Truth (Click to Enlarge)

The 29 year old conducted himself during the incident with a strong angry framework aimed at preventing crime in his neighborhood. His anger filtered for particular characteristics of people who were different from his norm, and he carried a gun with the thought that he might be faced with a situation where he would need to use it. He lived in an environment that was limited in its nurture of him.

George Zimmerman- Nurture (Click to Enlarge)

George Zimmerman- Nurture (Click to Enlarge)

He believed his rights and sense of self were superior to certain people with specific characteristics. His knowledge of people, systems and behavior was limited by his education and his life experience. He was immersed in his specific cohort’s version of SLANT. One of the features of this immersion included a dedication to protecting his self defined cohort from real and perceived threats from other “foreign”cohorts.

George Zimmerman- Equality (Click to Enlarge)

George Zimmerman- Equality (Click to Enlarge)

He was also imagining, dreaming, of being a hero.

George Zimmerman- Truth (Click to Enlarge)

George Zimmerman- Truth (Click to Enlarge)

The primary objective for all human beings is to nurture oneself and all other human beings.

Being watchful, being careful, being protective, being fully aware of the variables around you, are forms of nurture. Being preoccupied, being overzealous, being driven by hate rather than love, being unable to validly assess a situation, being strongly driven by forces beyond your conscious control, are not forms of nurture. Walking to a store and returning without incident is the right of everyone.

The 29 year old has 12 more years of life experience, and has a brain whose functional development matured years before the incident. The 29 year old adopted a filter for his environment that screened for the color of a person’s skin and unfamiliar faces as a threat to his environment. The 17 year old had 12 less years of life experience and operated a brain whose foundational development was not yet fully functional.

Florida- Nurture (Click to Enlarge)

Florida- Nurture (Click to Enlarge)

The society both people lived in, a warm flawed place we call Florida, has chosen to empower people called police, who are given special training in legal and ethical procedures and who are granted broad rights and considerable responsibility, with little transparency or commons oversight,  to use force and intervention to protect and serve the populace.


Florida- Nurture (Click to Enlarge)

The 29 year old had no such empowerment, no such training, and no authority or requirement to intervene.

Florida- Truth (Click to Enlarge)

Florida- Truth (Click to Enlarge)

The essential NETS objective is to avoid human harm, and to absolutely avoid a human death. The 29 year old took no action to avoid human harm beyond watching proactively for self-defined neighborhood problems, and absolutely took no action to avoid a human death throughout the entire interaction. The 29 year old did nothing to prevent any form of harm from occurring, and by choosing to use a gun, chose to shoot to kill rather than shoot to warn or injure, or not to shoot at all, even though those choices were fully his responsibility and in his power to control.

The 17 year old appears to have confronted the 29 year old, and possibly struggled with the 29 year old. Whatever his actions were, they were unnecessary and unwarranted. His struggle absolutely did not result in great bodily harm to the 29 year old, and there was no evidence or physical appearance that could lead to a definitive conclusion by the 29 year old that he was at great risk of serious bodily harm. There was no injury on the 29 year old’s body that was severe or threatened long term damage or disability. While any such struggle was inconsistent with nurture, the results of the struggle at the point of murder were inconsistent with threats of great bodily harm that would require death as the only logical next step. Firing the gun into a leg or in the air would have stopped the struggle. Or better yet, warning that a gun would be the next escalation might have stopped the struggle. Or twisting to get up and run away. His arms could not have been pinned since he was able to use his gun with considerable range of motion. The descriptions of the 29 year old pertaining to the struggle were grossly inaccurate, unsupported by any evidence. His arms could not have been held down if he was able to extract from an internal holster his weapon and fire it with space between both bodies.

The actions of the police and public prosecutors in gathering the necessary proof process evidence and taking that evidence forward was incompetent at best, racist and deliberately unjust at worst.

Florida- Systems (Click to Enlarge)

Florida- Systems (Click to Enlarge)

The definition of murder in the United States varies, but it can be summarized as follows:

1) The unlawful killing of a human being
2) A killing that resulted from the intent to do serious bodily injury
3) A killing that resulted from a depraved heart (gross negligence) or extreme recklessness
4) A wanton disregard for life that results in a death

Here is a summary of where NETS would lead our thinking.

We are not developing a fully formed comprehensive proof process for this article.

Our shorthand conclusions are:

1) A punch, a shove or a kick is SLANT. Hate and anger are SLANT. Needing to adopt violence when it is not absolutely essential for protection is SLANT. Carrying a weapon is SLANT. They remain endemic to a violent America because we accept them as the norm, not as highly detrimental aberrations from the norm. Hate is a social mental illness. Chronic violence is a social mental illness. More citizen guns do not prevent gun violence.

The 29 year old killed a 17 year old person by becoming occupied with hate,  programmed to hate, and failing at numerous junctures to make choices other than killing. The killing was absolutely unwarranted and meets the legal standard for murder (1,2,3,4 above).

Killing someone with anger, premeditation, full knowledge, recklessness, debilitation or negligence is murder except in the case of protection, and in a circumstance where protection is involved, the killing is murder when ANY other less violent and less harmful option, including avoidance, is available. The perpetrator is expected to consciously assess the entirety of the environment and situation, and to make, document and defend decisions based entirely on Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems.

2) The Florida law, “stand your ground”, enabled by legislators elected by the people of the state, that empowered a person to kill another person in self defense is not based upon Nurture, Equality, Truth or Systems – the Florida law is SLANT, is unconstitutional, and it deprives its citizens of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Instead of protecting everyone from being victimized, the language of the Florida law enables anyone armed and claiming self defense to kill. License for the people in power to murder the people with less power. The Florida police department fully expressed SLANT.

A 6 member jury is unconstitutional. Only with a 12 person jury can the necessarily diverse and inclusive citizen jury system address complex life and death issues and provide constitutionally guaranteed due process.

The prosecutors, investigators, police and judges are agents of the state of Florida. Any comprehensive proof process, any application of NETS, would conclude that they were not diligent, that they were heavily programmed by localized SLANT, that they were not interested in equality of treatment and protection or the pursuit of truth, and that they did not apply any form of systemic due diligence based upon justice.


Click to Enlarge

The verdict should be overturned by a federal investigation into the corruption of the due process protections every American has a right to expect. The 6 member jury was a corruption, and unconstitutional. The actions of the police department were a corruption, and unconstitutional. The actions of the prosecutor were a corruption, and unconstitutional. The acts of the 29 year old defendant broke the legal and constitutional safeguards in numerous places, and resulted in murder except that the corruptions of the legislators and the failures of the electorate invented an excuse for justifiable murder that has not yet been overturned by the guilty parties – the electorate, the legislators, the state courts, the federal courts, the Congress, and the Supreme Court. The number one objective of the Supreme Court is to protect the weak from the strong and they continue to fail to do their job.

Y Worlds. Just beginning to cast our NETS.

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