We continue to develop our engines and language for complexity. What you see and hear in the cellular ontology movie are very early renditions that are meant to help our many partners and followers grab hold of the basic principles behind our patents and logic.

The most basic principle is that everything can be organized into digestible cellular models that represent the highest level variables that make up the system under consideration. The movie shows a primitive 5 cell model that could represent the 5 main constructs of the global economy. Within the 5 cells are subcells and subcells of subcells that identify the dimensions of the economic system. When you see pattern within the cells, the pattern defines the systemic meaning at that level and viewpoint. If the cells simply light up, it means they are in play. If the cells are filled with red/blue/neutral patterns, the patterns and color carry the meaning attached to state and function – disfunction or high function. The pattern’s characteristics identify the degree of flow, density, activity, directionality, perturbation etc  You can read the cells like a 3 dimensional colored CAT scan. Our image moves in time and space and conveys the full dimensionality of meaning attached to the states and exchanges of each cell.

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 1.28.44 PM

When you view the movie, you can follow the sequence of economic events, you can follow the highest level view of the cells affected negatively and all cells impacted by the initial causal event. When Visual Y is fully implemented, the user can zoom in to lower level views, set those views next to higher level views, drill down to very detailed ontologies that represent specific banking systems, or follow the human behavior progressions that are linked to the causal event. The shapes of the models and cells carry meaning as well – rounded cells convey life forms, rectangular forms represent human man made constructs. We are offering this to you not as an absolute answer but as an early stage invention that requires a great deal more collaborative thought and development, r&d and coding, creative design and cognitive semiotics.

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 3.02.51 PM

With this type of visual language, we can represent anything and everything, and if you know what the cells meant, which you will, you can instantly derive meaning from the fixed or moving patterns that you see when viewing any cellular ontology. For economics or health or science or enterprise, all can be represented through Visual Y. It is a new kind of language, a new kind of knowledge, a new kind of communication, a new kind of experience.

Imagine with us how to conquer the demon of complexity. This movie is the best we can show you right at this moment. Full realization is yet to come – and we will still not have approached the potential for the semiotic representation of complex systems.

Y Worlds. Imagining what can be. Trying very hard to make our imagination come to life. Collaborate with us.

This was developed by using our Visual Y Engine: Version 9.13 – Very Early Developmental Stage. Our Visual Y Engine  was  programmed by Luke Stanley and Alex Petherick-Brian with help from Jack Swanson. The music for this rendition is called Locus 13.07b by Ostraka (John Keston).

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