Indigenous: Born Within.

Madiba is the name given to Nelson Mandela by his Xhosa clan. There are approximately 400 million indigenous people on earth. The legacy of Madiba, above all else, is that his life’s journey moved from SLANT to an embrace of the principles and objectives of Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems. He self-evolved to recognize the forces of SLANT, forged a belief system that enabled him to not become inextricably programmed into a conforming stereotype, and reached a level of conscious, subconscious and corporal function that approached NETS actualization. No one can become the fully realized essence of NETS. But here was a visible human being producing vibrations that resonated not only in South Africa, but across the earth.

The Y Worlds LegacY award to Madiba is not only for him, but for the millions of other Indigenous People on Earth with similar intelligence, conviction, courage, fortitude and suffering.

We know the story of Madiba. Of Gandhi. Of Martin Luther King. Of Chief Joseph. And we know that there a literally millions of similar stories, anonymous stories, of mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, elders and families who realize, as Madiba did, as we do, that all of us live in world where the inherited life of Indigenous People is made most difficult by the collective SLANT of those of us in power, those of us who do not choose to include everyone as an equal in our journey, those of us programmed to deny equality to all people who are different from us.

Nelson-Mandela-bwThere are millions of Indigenous People who live a life fully aligned and equal to, or greater than, Madiba.  We honor you with our LegacY throughout our conscious and embrace you with our future actions.

Our Legacy is tuned to the concept of effort, of struggle, of collective energy, of the power of NETS, of the inevitability of short term failure, of the drive to achieve dreams and objectives, of the capacity to forgive. We must forgive because if a person could have changed their past, they would have.

legacY_png24_001It is only the future that can change. Must change. And as Madiba realized, the future does not change toward NETS unless WE change it through individual, collective, compassionate and sustainable effort driven by principles.

Legacy: Madiba
Y Worlds. We honor Madiba and the millions of Madiba’s who have and will walk the earth in struggle.

Idle No More
United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People

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