Here is a presentation by John Thackara. He speaks the language of systems – of viewing the composition of the world as systems within systems within systems, all connected, all interacting, all real.

Thackara introduces a concept he calls “The Desert of the Real”,  meaning our isolation from vital knowledge. He proposes that we are divorced from systemic understanding in four ways because:

1. it’s invisible
2. it’s somewhere else
3. our sensory bandwidth is too narrow
4. we’re ‘educated’

At Y Worlds, we believe in 0 degrees of separation between human beings and experience with the diversity of life and science . We also believe in the massive benefit of Computer Aided Life (CAL), where we can for the first time depict with rich sensory accuracy and perspective the previously invisible or distant forms of our universe whose meaning still evades our senses and our formal education. We can, through semiotic maps,  immerse ourselves in inclusive collective depictions of our living universe, that we can process as reality. Visual Y is being built to nullify SLANT, and overcome with clarity all of the reasons we ignore the connectivity, complexity and brilliance of our potential.

Read Desert of the Real by John Thackara

Thank you Michel Bauwens and Lucy Gilliam for bringing this to our attention.

Read Knowing We Don’t Know

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