Myth: Gravity is a commonly known entity that we  diligently explain with gravitas.

Take: When we pick up a bucket of water, it feels “heavy”. We think of this phenomena in terms of “weight”. The sensation of pulling that we experience is of course the force we call gravity. We know very little about the nature of gravity. The next time you pick up something heavy, think not about weight but about an prime bonding force that we can describe but do not understand – this entirely invisible force grabs at your water and your water grabs at it, pulling them together with the greater force coming from the greater mass. Gravity is the only force acting on all particles with mass. Gravity has an infinite range, is always attractive and never repulsive (don’t you wish you had this force) and cannot be absorbed, transformed, or shielded against. We can neutralize the effects of gravity by supplying an opposing force. Remarkably, a 20 foot thick horizontal steel wall one mile square does not disrupt the bonds of gravity as something is pulled toward the earth from above the steel sheath.

Gravity is composed of a bonding mechanism, a force, we have not yet learned to understand, modify or fully apply toward solutions to energy, transport and the composition of the universe. Gravity is a great frontier for science to advance our understanding. Gravity is a dimension we have not yet learned to understand or even “see”.

With appropriate gravity, we must inform you that we barely know anything about what the forces are that drive the universe – the forces and forms of matter beneath atoms, electro-magnetic forces and radiations (light & magnetism & electrons), the binding forces of the universe, the dynamos of the universe, the source code of every component , the ethereal fabrics that waves propagate through, the features that turn matter and energy into life etc.

th-1Myth: There is a single distinct identity that defines and characterizes: YOU.

Take: Little old you does not exist as a concrete being. You are a dynamic autopoetic ever changing self constructed system among micro systems among macro systems among varietal systems. There is nothing concrete about you. Your atoms are not marbles but are spinning energy fields. Your cells are incredibly complex bio-chemical beings that live concurrently with complex bio-chemical beings we call bacteria and viruses and biomass. Every single energy component down to the levels we do not understand are programmed with movement and exchange. And the construction we call YOU, filled with matters and energies and living dynamos of manifold shapes and interacting functions, also is composed of your environment, is composed of matters and energies that have existed for billions of years, is composed of materials and code from your parents and ancestors, and is composed of all of the interactions you have had and are having now with your environment and habitat –  directly or tangentially.

Physically, you are constantly exchanging within and without – shedding, adding, transforming, constructing, feeding, discharging. Mentally, which is physically, your conscious, subconscious and corporal beings are negotiating and conducting exchanges in every moment and space of your existence.

YOU are a concurrent mixture of what you inherited, what your being constructed, and what you are about to be, directed by subconscious, conscious and corporal forces within and without – over which you have a measure of consciously driven control. You cannot be true to yourself because you do not concretely exist now or forever. Your being is largely occupied by autopoietic corporal and subconscious systems and components. You can work to consciously grab a small proportion of control over your being – your sense of happiness, your sense of reason, your sense of compassion and justice, your sense of what you want to be. Any such conscious self-programming leaks irrevocably into your subconscious and corporal being, and vice versa.

You are an incredibly complex living membrane-lined container of miraculous autopoietic materials and energies interacting with the macro universe and the micro universe. Photos and achievements and measures of health do capture a concrete instant of a teeny weeny portion of all that you are. The rest of you will continue their journey – touching and transacting among trillions of anonymous other forms of life and life material on similar journeys now and forever. You are forever, and forever changing.

Myth: Happiness is a definitive state of being

Take: This may not make you at all happy, but it should. Happiness is a human construct, made up, to characterize a universally positive state of mind, a positive state of being. The word “happiness” is an inherited distortion of how we, a human system, work within the context of our existence. There is no “definitive” happiness. Happiness is an entirely individual, unique, multivariate spectrum of conscious, subconscious and corporal dimensions. The word “happiness” is misleading and does no justice to the systemic truth about the relativity of the positive.

Happiness, the real condition of systemic multivariate happiness, is relative, and would not exist without the invention of the word. Before language initiated the word “happiness” humans lived their lives, most often with severe measures of loss, pain, struggle, discomfort, insecurity and death. The cardinal family that lives in the nearby woods experiences a many-faceted essence across their corporal, conscious and subconscious being when Spring warmth and plentiful food replace the harsh existence of a Minnesota winter.  Parents who literally slaved their whole life to acquire enough money to send their only child to college experience an essence across their being – knowing they have committed their life for the life of their child. People living the harshest existence on earth experience essences across the continuum of their being through tiny moments of their lives and throughout the duration of their lives. A person with cells growing out of control and the resultant pain growing beyond tolerance still experiences essences that differentiate the very bad from the bad, the bad from the neutral, and the bad from the good and the very good states of mind/body.

Materialism Does Not Buy Happiness

IT does not make you happy. You make you happy. If positives interact and resonate with you, you absorb a measure of  positive. If you dream of winning the lottery, you absorb a measure of positive. If you have rational or irrational hope, you engage in a measure of positive. You want to have a gleaming speedy new car, or you actually get the car of your dreams, each delivers a measure of positive, however brief. You grieve about the despair of people in all corners of the world while touching positives all around you that do not deny you the negative, but make the negative more visceral. You meditate and use yoga to be with yourself in an intimate way, there is positive. You join others in yoga and meditation, the positive expands in a different pattern. Your body may exude positive but if your conscious and subconscious are unaware of this, the positive is still real. Surrounding yourself with positives transfers to you, and you add to the positives in a most unique thread. The false god of happiness is the projection from television and movies that stamps the label of happiness on the joys experienced by make believe characters. The lives all of us lead, and the loves all of us have experienced, offer limitless sources of positives that we have not learned to experience throughout the engagement of our life, and the similarly limitless sources of potential negative that live within our minds and bodies are constructs we have not learned to put in their place among the patterns of the universe.

Happiness can be found everywhere at any plane of existence. Happiness is a rich spectrum ranging from tiny specs of less than terrible to glorious moments of sheer ecstasy. Happinesses can co-exist with great pain, happinesses can thread across an entire life, or dominate  just precious minutes of one’s entire life. Happinesses are a state of mind and body – conscious, subconscious and corporal. We can be programmed or we can re-program ourselves to experience many dimensions of happiness despite everything happening within and without out body. More likely, we can be programmed to despise our lives, or the lives of others, to not cherish and value our life, to not bathe in the glory of being alive, of watching life progress all around us, to not find any thread of states of very good or good that we are aware of. We can be programmed to never experience at the level of awareness physical and mental joys at the conscious, subconscious or corporal levels.  But every living being experiences positive patterns that can be discerned from the negatives.

Drug induced highs, sensation induced highs, music induced highs, vista induced highs, and surprise induced highs are among the manifold mechanisms available to ignite positives within the vast spectrum of positives. A positive is often simply the emergence of a non-negative signal among the noise.


Children experience an exquisite range of happiness spectrum. But they can never reach the areas of the spectrum that house the deep resonance that comes from people with life experience – programmed to look for joy, to experience joy, to recognize joy within their mind and body. Elders in cultures across the world understand that this thing we call happiness can be found in the simple act of existence, or knowing that the ripples from our existence will continue forever, forever changing the landscape of the universe. It comes from accepting our life, our situation, our existence as something transcendent. There will be moments of great sadness across our simple spectrum of states (–,-,0,+,++), but surely there will be patterns that are better. We can call that happiness.

When I was a special education teacher for pre-school children, we sang – “If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands”. At that instant, we were happy at that plane of awareness and we all clapped our hands twice and giggled. Little did we know that our happinesses were many and varied across every moment of our lives, whether we sensed the essence or discerned the existence of + and ++ bubbling within us.

Myth: Lying is a rare despicable act that is unacceptable, unethical and sinful

Take: Lying is pervasive. Lying infiltrates virtually every nook and cranny of our human centric existence. From public schools to governments, from the internet to television, from corporations to religions, from parents to politicians, from courts to cops, from universities to newspapers, all produce a fabric of communications that contain a vast spectrum of substantial quantities of lies.

A Lie: An Intentional Untruth

Lies take a variety of forms:
Complete Fabrications
Partial Fabrications
Minimal Fabrications

Evasions & Deceptions
Advocacies & Partialities
Dogmas & Brainwashed Expressions
Distortions & Misdirections
Manipulations & Propaganda
Undisclosed Memory or Sensory Impairments
Self Preservation
Blame or Deliberately Harm
Omissions of Fact or Context
Partial Information Lacking Context
Lying to Uncover a Liar
Undisclosed Pathologies & Brain Disruptions
Undisclosed Drug and Injury Induced Misperceptions
Failure to Note or Credit Authorship or Original Source
Failure to Acknowledge Errors
Failure to Respond in a Reasonable Timeframe
Uncorroborated Content
Protection of Privacy
Protection of Another
Avoidance of Guilt or Responsibility
Compensated Expressions
Forced Expressions
Self Deception
Philosophical Skewing

Wow. There are a lot of ways and means to lie. The lack of rapid and effective systemic feedback loops that can identify and react to lying makes the art and science of lying, the culture of lying, so endemic and embedded in our daily lives that we do not even consciously or subconsciously recognize or acknowledge the rampage of lies that distort every aspect of our perception and understanding.

Who can we trust to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Who does not have an angle? Who is trying to get everything right – from details to context to doubts to proofs to sources to systems to corroboration to evidence to unfiltered accuracy?

thYoung children have not yet learned to lie. As a former public school educator of harmed very young children and their families, I was often startled by the stark beauty and heartbreak of observations and insights coming from these pure young truthtellers.

At Y Worlds, we would like to build a brand composed of truthtellers, dedicated to the pursuit of the ever elusive truth through transparent collaborative proof processes that are always open to feedback and modification and the light of day. We would like to create an enterprise that only invests in people and organizations with NETS objectives that have transparent integrity, honesty and compassion.

Stop for a moment. Listen to the earth. Breath deeply. Sense your heart and your state. Then count for the rest of the day the lies told by people (including you) and their organizations, who are driven to “sell” something other than rich knowledge based systemic understanding.  Or better yet, tell us if you can find one shining example of the pursuit of truth with fair and accurate context. We will then share your resource with the world.

Y Worlds. In Pursuit of Systemic Truth. A Rare Bird Indeed.
Let us know whenever you spot her.       Y


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