We are beginning to build elegant Proof Processes to help deliver systemic understanding and action. A Proof Process is both Art and Science, Reason and Context, Perspective and Objective. The idea of a Proof Process is to derive a consilience around a specific topic or objective by organizing all of the systemic variables into a synthesized progression of validated knowledge, reason and logic. Our semiotic language format suggests the use of triangular shapes to construct the Proofs. Ultimately, the Proofs will be dynamic, interactive gaming-like worlds capable of robustness and scale that can satisfy any users objectives and requirements. These Proofs will also show the sourcing and documentation of every component, the critical mass of validations, and will include diverging facts and viewpoints, alternative derivations and conclusions, and a complete spectrum of layers from nano to macro.



This is a simple hand-drawn Proof Process that is meant to consolidate the highest level of variables that define how one might consider what a human being is and what harms a human being. We encourage you to comment on the Proof, or create your own Proof. Beneath any higher level Proof will ultimately be the detail – but the details cannot be captured effectively by hand. We continue to develop our patented Visual Y Engine to provide all of us with the toolset to accomplish rich systemic visualization.

For us, Harm can be thought of as an inconsistency between a specific human being’s makeup and programming and the specific external and internal variables that interact with the person. The functional manual for any human being is imperfect but  we now know that the introduction of nano to macro variables that are unknown or unprocessable by  the body’s programming and mechanisms can and do cause  harm.

Our simple proof suggests, for example, that we avoid ingesting or absorbing or inhaling anything with petrochemicals such as gum, shampoos, food coatings, colorings, cosmetics, pesticides and herbicides, containers, and cleaning agents. We suggest that the reality of health is the story of a specific being with specific embedded requirements that must be satisfied if one is to live and operate to his or her potential. This is certainly not a groundbreaking thought, but recognizing ourselves as a sensitive complex system operating in a world filled with visible and invisible threats should lead us to sharply curb the sources of potential harm, and to emphasize the the need to understand the operating system and programming of our individual bodies, and to act as individuals and organizations to help everyone lead lives to their potential.

Y Worlds. Trying To Do No Harm Via NETS.

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