IMG_1132-smallEverything, literally everything, has “code”. Atoms, molecules, energies, viruses, genes, cells and life forms all have code at every level of their being. Everything has momentums which function as code. Everything constructs and destructs itself based upon code. And this construct we call code can change, can morph, can break, can misfire, can replicate or mutate, can be added to or subtracted from, can exchange and interact in old or new ways, can have functions and apps that stop, start, shift, adapt, detect, act, move, disable, create, produce, regenerate, and grow. Think about the miraculous complexity of a simple flower seed. A seed, an inert plant made material, is placed in an environment that triggers it to ignite its autopoietic code, it comes to life, begins to become an engine that processes carbon, oxygen and hydrogen into a complex structure that adapts via its code to the conditions of its immediate exchanges.

We look at the complex elegance of the vitalizing code that produces a flower –  works of art, science, life and vitalizing existence, designed via code to produce the art on the petals that attracts the living organisms that ensure its continued code adaptive existence.

At Y Worlds, we wish to avoid continued use of the word “code” and its sister word “programming” because they simply fail to capture the rich systemic meaning that we wish to convey. Code is not synonymous with software or a set of instructions.

codebreaker-conOur construct of code is that it is something (the root, matter|energy, science) that causes anything to act. We have created a nature inspired icon that represents the systemic construct of the code of anything at any moment (blue), the introduction of anything that is inconsistent with the stable full potential functioning of the code at any moment or circumstance in time and space (black), and the distortion in function that we characterize as red, for the purpose, just like the code of the flower that paints red on the petals around the stamen, to get your attention to an essential high value meaning, and we also use red universally in our language to indicate some form of perturbation, which, can possibly result in something systemically or immediately beneficial, or more often, something immediately or systemically detrimental.

Code Breakers:

Lack of water
Lack of essential nutrients
A viral infection
Trauma induced cellular mutation
A massive company’s introduction of a viral new financial instrument
The failure of regulators and laws to apply their essential protective code
The overwhelming subconscious coding of a viral form of hate
The production of massive amounts of carbon and methane into the environment
The failure of a child to receive love, touch and nutrition
The separation of people from the sources of self sufficiency
Post traumatic stress
Multiple Sclerosis
Algae blooms
Murderous gangs in Chicago, Syria or Africa

We have just finished a series about disease – specifically a disease we call Multiple Sclerosis.


We introduce the semiotic icon that represents the disruption of functionally positive inherited or adaptive mechanisms by the introduction of a factor or a concentration of factors. For the purposes of our high level construct, that is enough to define this systemic construct. As we do with all of our semiotic models and languages, we expect to introduce subcells within these representations in order to characterize different perspectives on variables and dynamics.


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