Reality is a state of Being.
This state carries SLANT, “the baggage of history”.

SLANT is a “survival mode” that shapes our Reality.

At one moment the SLANT uplifts us.
The next moment it pulls us down.
We celebrate our inheritance, or curse its momentum unto death.
SLANT is a ride that riddles our Emotions.
– Inside us, conditioning our genes.
– Outside us, bending our relationships.
– Consciously motivated.
– Subconsciously influenced.
The baggage of SLANT must be unbundled. Ask Y.
– SLANT steers us from the Truth.
– SLANT traps us in the past, away from Humanity.
– SLANT interferes with Systemic Equality.
– SLANT is not Reality.
For the unburdened Being, Reality is balanced.
Consciously notice more Truth.
Relationships form in Equality.
Emotions emerge in Nurture.
Perception becomes unconditioned from the past.
NETS can empty us of SLANT.
Nurture, Equality, Truth, and Systems
Our way to perceive Reality from the state of our Humanity.

Dan Durrant

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