Just in the past few years we have been able to partially realize the opportunity for real time browser based generative visualization. There remains much more to be done before we can finally have a taste of the code based dynamo that drives our real time world. 

At Y Worlds, we have developed an engine for real time visualization that was used to produce the Geographical Data Viewer for AIDS (below) and our numerous ontological models introduced in these posts. We encourage everyone to visit Google’s Exquisite Forest, a primitive yet groundbreaking example of how image and sound can become adaptive generative creative participative resources for systemic knowledge creation. EF is the best example we can find of a video game like interface for knowledge extraction and ontological display. Our vision is for a CENTRO that is 5 orders of magnitude beyond what any of us have created to date – a revolution in real time access to real time knowledge via rich maps and models and gaming portals  – CAL, Computer Aided Life.

Many Lines

Exquisite Forest

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