At the most basic level, you can perceive this event in several ways simultaneously. You may see them move, hear their footsteps, or feel the air move behind them. At that moment, your subconscious applies a medley of algorithms and heuristics; driven by the concert of your biology and your socialization, your brain takes shortcuts you aren’t aware of in an attempt to understand the patterns in your perception.


When our conscious kicks in, it overlays its biases, processing, and reflection over the scene. Your conscious can give the basal instincts context, can reframe the inputs, and supersede and ultimately wrest control from the instinctual.  

Understanding the mind in this way is important. We need to know what biases we bring to the table, what prejudices, which elements of our genetic programming to leave behind, and which can serve us.

auto pilot
more processing required

We call this cocktail of preconceptions SLANT. It is the combination of inherited programming, processing, and heuristics born of our own experiences. When having any kind of intelligent conversation, we should recognize when we are falling victim to SLANT, and harder yet, we need to to train ourselves to overpower that programming with logic, science, reason, and an egalitarian perspective of self-interest and systemic understanding.


That person you saw is just that – a person. For our purposes, they are only that. A human being can be seen, heard, felt, and valued without labels. All life can be seen, heard, felt, and valued without labels.
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2 thoughts on “Equality

  1. Equal in our capacity to express differences. Equal as beings, yet, even in those expressions, there are unique dynamics at play. Equality doesn’t isolate us in sameness, it enriches us in diversity.

  2. Equality is the instantaneous embrace of human diversity. The word “equality” does not
    convey the beauty and complexity of our meaning. It does not mean everyone is the same.
    It does not mean everyone can achieve an objective with the same proficiency. It does not mean I
    want to sit beside everyone equally on an airplane or take on a tough project with everyone. We can choose. It is
    a state of mind that is imbued with an actualized highest level valuing that is not influenced by gender, color, size, capacity, age, religion, country of origin, physical appearance etc. Yes, equality as beings!

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