Harmonics is a primitive demonstration of how a universal 1x3x9 cell ontological model would work using Visual Y. The movie shows 4 layers of the Harmonics construct (which could represent any system that at the highest level consists of 3 main variables, each with 3 sub-variables.)


Our semiotic approach is to establish fixed cellular models that represent the complete set of specific variables tied to a subject. So, we know by the unique meaning fitted to the shape of the model and  cells what the variables are that are represented. We then generate patterns within the cells at each level of view that tell us everything meaningful that we need to know. Ultimately, each cell can be clicked to introduce zooms and detailed documentations including multimedia and proof processes. Any combination of models can be placed beside each other, compared, run across time and space in synchrony, or viewed asynchronously.


Our use of color, shape and pattern tell us:

What variables are in play – active. We light them up. We can show multiple layers/levels of cells in one view.

How active the cells are. We make the patterns within move fast or slow – smooth or ragged.

What the condition of the variables are. We use a simple scale of 2 reds, neutral, and 2 blues to indicate — – : + ++.

How the variables interact. Similar patterns and line angles within variables tie one variable to another without having to draw lines between them. One can observe and track changes across time and space. Each input is tracked via a separate timeline of actions and reactions.

How valid each proof process cell is. The triangular proof process uses 2 yellows, 1 neutral and 2 greens to indicate relative validity — – : + ++.

Now, use your imagination and creativity to picture the most beautiful video game world – populated by dynamic objects backed by great background sounds and music, depicting our primitive Harmonics model with gusto and richness. Imagine anyone having the power to build or modify or edit models within vast visual libraries, with curators clarifying the sources and proof processes of each model. Now, imagine all knowledge at the highest levels depicted by universal systemic models derived from the collective intelligence of the world. Words are still there behind the scenes, but if you want to know what the root causes of malaria are in Africa, if you want to know how to avoid autoimmune disease, if you want your child to grow up with maximum mental health, you can see the models that directly communicate the high value meaning that satisfy your objective.

We are continuing development of Visual Y. Watch for our ongoing stream of new Visual Y creations.


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