As very young beings, we experience life without mediation, without interpretation, without interference. The life experience of the very young is a life of dreams, of conscious and subconscious and corporal sensations, of continuous new experiences, of delights and fresh hungers.

IMG_1027As we move beyond childhood, the personalized patterns of the universe become modestly familiar to our being, and what was once majesty begins to fade as old majesties are replaced with the stimulus of new patterns that surprise and frighten and lighten the burdens of mind and body. Adults dream of the immediate reality, and when our dreams arise from a free and open mind, they generate their own patterns that overlay, interlace, replace, enhance or distort the patterns of the day to day, the immediate, the common, the matter and energy that were once signal, and have now become the noise of reality.

There is “what is”. There is our conscious and subconscious and corporal interpretation of “what is”. And there is our dreaming of what was, what is, and what could be.

Exploring our dreams and the dreams of others unleashes hormones and electrics and rushes of chemical compositions throughout our being that match or exceed the most blazing moments of daily existence. The anticipatory dream of a wonderful holiday is processed as reality by our being. The reality of the holiday, the flaws and deflations, seldom excite our being as fully as unrestricted anticipation, seldom transform into our boldest dreams.

IMG_2292Who we think we are. What others are. What the world feels like – day in and day out – never plays out like the unblemished dreams portrayed – day in and day out – by commercials and advertisements and movies and television shows designed to program us toward their dreams. They want their dreams to become our dreams.

The inside view of Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems  is one of dreams living side by side, layer upon layer, hand in hand, with reality. Pains exist with Comforts. Disappointments hold hands with Hopes and Achievements. The harsh reality of anything can be processed and filtered for learning, for recognition, for patterns that help us recognize that “what is” can be pumped for any available warmth and comfort while swallowing bitters and inhaling hates. Music and Art and Yoga and Meditation and Living Systems and Relationships and Media and Touch and Mental or Physical Challenge are dreams disguised as reality, perceived by all of us as reality.

IMG_0798HumanCentric Reality is our individual dream.
HumanCentric Reality is entirely dependent upon how we process it. Dependent upon our imagination. Built with manufactured constructs deployed through inherited language and communication.

The beauty of our being is that there need never be choice between reality and dreams. Dreams are not an escape from reality. Dreams are as real as anything we experience in the universe. If you want to love yourself, you can do it. If your processing of reality gives you nightmares, let it also give you dreams of what could be, what should be, what might be.

Let the dreams and nightmares live in conjunction within you……..
powering you to feel agonies and pains, injustices and powerlessness, inadequacies and great tyrannies,
powering you to feel hopes and opportunities, progress and caring, intelligence and collective vitality,
programming you to delight in “what is”, day to day,
programming you to declare boldly that “what is” is absolutely unacceptable, moment to moment,
programming you to act in nurture to yourself and all else.

Y Worlds. Always Day Dreaming. Always Night Dreaming. Always Reality Dreaming. Dream On.

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