At Y Worlds, we distinguish between data visualization and knowledge visualization. Using semiotics to help understand the patterns associated with Multiple Sclerosis can take the form of data driven graphics, body maps and geographic maps, algorithmic graphics and knowledge representations. Here we show two examples of dynamic interactive data visualizations exploring the link between smoke and multiple sclerosis.

Multiple Sclerosis- Demographics

Multiple Sclerosis- Tobacco Exposure

Smoke introduces changes in genetics, in body chemistry, in body function, in lung capacity, in the introduction of materials and conditions that the body has no prior programming for. Women appear to experience greater negative effects from smoking than men. Smoking and environmental smoke are endemic to certain parts of the world. Smoking before or during puberty may cause changes in body function and metabolism that last through life and begin processes at an early age that can ultimately be debilitating many years later. There is a significant correlation between smoke and Multiple Sclerosis symptoms.

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