– keep track of things.
– record events.
– tell stories.
– organize components into the whole.
– sketch architectures and plans.
– map place and time.
– capture on paper what we see.
– craft art about what we imagine.
– portray meaning.

The petroglyphs in our main image come from a people living thousands of years ago. The modern world tends to think of those people and their communications as ancient and primitive.

But when those people lived, they thought of themselves as the modern world. And they thought their society was state of the art, cutting edge, and at peace with the universe.

At Y Worlds, we believe in many ways we are the same as the people who made the petroglyphs. We believe the equality of peoples transfers from past to future, and among all who are present today.

Our generation invented the computer. But we are just beginning to see how the dimensions of CAL – Computer Aided Life will profoundly affect the lives of billions of people. The generation of people who are born today will witness the full embrace of a disruptive new economic paradigm, and a new beneficial language between people and computers and between people and people that is semiotic – visual and representational, participative and systemic. Just like the language of the petroglyphs was for its creators.

Future generations of people will look back at our dependency on analog, on words, and think of us as ancient and primitive. And when they look at our limited understanding of our bodies and minds and the core workings of the universe, they will think of us as ancient and primitive.

We can see around the corner of the future. 
It is like the images between two mirrors that seem to go on forever.

Cycle after cycle, generation after generation, in tighter and tighter evolutionary time sequences, we have a “metamorphosis”. The bright new butterfly of semiotics emerges from the chrysalis of words, looks back briefly at its primal origins, and then turns toward its future. And so on.




Semiotics: Visualizations

We are wired to process visual complexity.
Complexity is best organized and best communicated visually.
Therefore….Visual Semiotics and Audio Semiotics are rapidly emerging.


Knowledge is about meaning. Meaning can be represented with color and pattern within models.

Flip a switch and the patterns come alive.





Semiotics: Audio

We are wired to process audio complexity.
Complexity is best organized and best communicated visually
Audio is a distant second.
Audio Semiotics has barely been explored. 


Symbolic Representation: 22 Sounds
Knowledge Construct:


Symbolic Representation: Circle
Knowledge Construct:


Symbolic Representation: Very Good
Knowledge Construct:


Symbolic Representation: Good
Knowledge Construct:


Symbolic Representation: Neutral
Knowledge Construct:


Symbolic Representation: Bad
Knowledge Construct:


Symbolic Representation: Very Bad
Knowledge Construct:  


Symbolic Representation: Human Alturism
Knowledge Construct: 


Symbolic Representation: Human Pain
Knowledge Construct:


Symbolic Representation: Alturism
Knowledge Construct:


Symbolic Representation: Pain
Knowledge Construct:


Knowledge is about meaning.
Meaning can be represented with models filled with sound.


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0 thoughts on “Selected Daily Y Posts on Semiotics

  1. Actually, the world of music is meaningful at profound levels. I remember improvising on my recorder, and moving through spring, summer and fall, as well as through different landscapes, one evening. Another time, I did a dialog with someone I never met, also on recorder, across the sands at night at Asilomar. When I improvised, I would feel ranked choices for the next note whenever I ‘made a mistake’ (played something other than what I had intended to play), and it always worked out into continuing flow in a new direction, or a variation of the direction in which I had been going.
    I think that semiotics, as a new way of communicating, is more likely to succeed as an augmentation of what we already do, rather than by holding it as a replacement. When we speak or write words with deep intention and skill, they are profoundly effective. After all, we evolved them in order to reflect the universe, spirit, planet and our own ecosystems in which we evolved, as we found our way down through the eons, and they have been effective in passing down our accumulated understanding from generation to generation. At least, until someone comes along with swords, guns, money, and perverse minds, and destroys the relationships we have with each other, the land, and ‘all our relations’. Part of our mission today is to support each other in healing from that experience, which is now nearly universal, and recovering our identities — with the added understanding that we are all one family. That enables us to turn to the survival tasks we face and deal with each one in the way that is most effective for the whole healing.

  2. What a lovely experience to read your words and imagine them.
    We do, absolutely do, believe words are mighty valuable and powerful.
    We do, absolutely do, believe that we can and must expand beyond the obvious and not so obvious limitations of words. Semiotics simply amplifies how we are currently wired to experience the world, and enables us to creatively explore complexity and systems and whole experiences and connectivity through computer aided life.
    What computer aided life can do is amplify your experience communicating with one person by chance using sound. CAD can help us find people to share with. It was momentus because it was unique and resonated and stood out from the background noise of life on earth – it became signal, meaning. With computer aided life you could imagine and enable a similar form of transcendent experience, record it, share it, and instead of sounds being your message you have the power to create if you wish more comprehensive forms of expression. Even the idea of what we remember in life, what we most value, is often not understood well enough for most of us to take full advantage of our potential and the potential of others.

    We have no word for the prevention of the need for healing.
    We have no language conception that hate is a form of mental illness.
    And that mental illness is not what we think it is.
    And that what we think we think is not what we really think.
    Think about it.

    Thank you for continuing to share and nurture and pursue truth and comprehend systems.
    We will continue as well.

    Best wishes,


  3. At the same time, visual meaning currently is most effectively conveyed in written words i.e. density of info. But the same words, spoken, add a huge additional dimension of subtlety and …colour : )
    In the difference between text-chat and phone and video-chat, the biggest jump in info is adding voice. Adding the visual communication cues in video-chat adds additional subtleties but not as much as the text to voice difference.
    So… subtlety of meaning is something that would need to be represented somehow in any visual language, eg something representing emotions etc visually in a flowing continuum sort of way, in the same way that tone of voice does. The subtle variation in meaning of words makes choice of words eg “sir” or “dude” greatly change the tone and meaning also (I never use either of those words btw 🙂
    I am a real word-person myself, they have so much meaning and double meaning, layers of meaning and potential implied-but-cant be-sure kinds of meaning which can make it very rich in information.

    I think there needs to be more specific information of the idea of a visual language. Like the most basic broad impressions or imagined characteristics. I wonder what other peoples impressions are? they may be widely variant.
    I initially thought it could only be (but ok I dont think that now) like a giant classification of every object and thing on earth, Like the ultimate tree of life but which also includes all technological things and cultural things physical and abstract, like a 3 dimensional dictionary or encyclopaedia where you can see the physical and temporal position of a thing and also all the things that are “immediately adjacent” to it, And I mean EVERYTHING!. but that is really recreating a brain and/or a universe.
    Not saying its not possible -it is totally possible…

    But yeah a language is much more representational and condenses down alot more and has symbols which can be used many times in different arrangements to mean different things. Need more of a starting point and a coherance to all the units of language, what ties them all together, these visual ..phenemes (just made that up 🙂 ..like eg letters are all symbols made of short lines (which are also represented phonetically in sound). Its like we know there is something there (in the future) and it is huge but its still in that tip-of the-tongue-phase. ..and since this is a thought made by a collective mind, no wonder its much longer than the usual variety, but when it does it will be big and then it will make sense.

  4. Hey, thanks for the insights about language. The unintended smiley faces maybe offer some
    reason for metaphors. The smileys pop first out of the page. The words we write are a visual language.
    The words we speak are an audio language seamlessly connected to the visual language by our amazing brain.
    If the smileys were more complex, I could understand 12 things about you that you want to convey. You would not have to repeat them every time to others. If the smileys were a prebuilt universal construction of what language is, and where in that series of constructions are your points and mine, which ones are valid, which ones are troubling, which ones are in play with your and my thinking, that would be useful. Useful because it attains a higher order of systemic understanding, shows the checklist of variables and relationships and cause and effect, paints the systemic model so that I do not have to try to take what you express and then imagine it systemically, keeps you from having to start from 0 with me like we do for any conversation with a new human being, and raises the bar for what language is so we do not have to each sort it out but we can use knowledge accumulated and packaged from other people to at least sort out the foundation of the topic. And if the smiley moved and there were patterns and animations within the smiley, we could express even more meaning and if we put smiley into a cool environment, we could express beauty and context and world views. I am glad you took the time to talk with us. Keep on. Thanks for the unintended smileys. Many of the greatest achievements among humans came from unintended sources – penicillin, the post it, peanut butter cups etc. 🙂 Alan

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