SLANT is a systemic construct we use to explain the totality of our genetic programming, plus everything that we have experienced, plus everything that we remember plus everything that supplies our conscious and subconscious with working content.


SLANT is at its nadir when all of the variables of genetics and life experience live inside of you without any significant  interference, interaction or intervention from your conscious or subconscious. SLANT is when you live your life, question nothing, accept the education and training, systems and circumstances you inherit, and serve as the carrier of this content to the next generation of people. The SLANT mark suggests an inherited slide that gains momentum while moving away from the pursuit of Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systemic Framing.

At Y Worlds, we believe in Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems. NETS is not supported by SLANT. SLANT is not supported by NETS. The two constructs can intersect, but most often are polar opposites.

We believe in Nurture. Yet no government or corporation identifies Nurture as their objective, and no government and very few corporations hold themselves accountable to be both Nurturing and Equal. Few people wake up each day with a conscious and subconscious drive for self Nurture and the Nurture of others. Few people consciously and subconsciously use lenses that equally value people across every spectrum of shape, skin color, appearance, capacity, social status, age, gender, ethnicity, income, country of origin and race.


SLANT represents the powerful endemic momentums of the past. These momentums include pervasive malnutrition, communicable diseases and violence. These momentums include restrictions on access to education, restrictions on equality, reliance on an entire foundation of knowledge that is largely inaccurate and dependence on an economic and political patchwork that is rapidly sliding toward tragedy.

SLANT is what is. Human systems do not significantly change, cannot significantly change, without the adoption of new models that make the inherited models obsolete. The inherited models that come with SLANT have few universal objectives, have a declining commitment to the pursuit of Truth, and place one against another in a struggle for power and wealth, or survival and hope.

At Y Worlds, we suggest that the antidote to SLANT is a horizontal generative mass action that introduces a parallel system of language, perspective, objective and scaffolding that delivers NETS Thinking. Conscious and Subconscious immersion in an alternative knowledge based commitment to applying cooperative systemic principles to see that all people in the world are Nurtured, are Equal and understand what the pursuit of Truth means in an educated and caring populace.  Wherever one identifies SLANT, one can shift toward NETS thinking, shaping ourselves toward a parallel universe where all people understand that they need to be free from the shackles of SLANT.

Y Worlds. A rocketship toward our potential – gradually escaping the gravitational pull of SLANT.

Ta’Kaiya Blaney inspires us to push against the pull of SLANT. If you want to hear a 12 year old voice for Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems, a voice that has escaped the pull of SLANT, listen to her and experience humanity’s potential. 

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One thought on “Slant

  1. Waiting for heroes and authorities is a waste of life. Thanks for sharing Ta’Kaiya’s voice which speaks to the dynamic of necessary resistance against SLANTed Human Constructs that do not Nurture. As we start to Notice and Engage the Truth we may begin to devise the Systems that serve life rather than spoil it. It would require a significant effort, but Survival has always required challenging adaptations, no?

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