There is only black and white when we define them, point to them, and say, “that’s black and white.”

We have constructed universal grids of time and space, of words with universal definitions and legal definitions, where black is black and white is white.

The store is on a specific corner. It sells turnips. It is open everyday from 6am to midnight.
Our time and space grids are made for black and white. We also have sensory grids and sensory equipment to record an experience that works in black and white only with certainty.
I saw the bird fly.
 You saw the bird fly. We saw the same bird fly by. It was a black and white bird.

But most of the universe does not exist within carefully defined grids.
Should I go to store A or store B?
What route should I take?

Should I buy the turnips?
Are turnips sprayed with pesticides?
What is the benefit of eating a turnip?
When should I go to the store?
Will I encounter someone on the way?
What will I decide to buy when I
arrive at the store?

Where will I go from there………………?
Hundreds of thoughts. No black and white.
When humans interact or introspect, there is no black and white.

When life and matter and energy do their thing, there is no black and white certainty.

Data is usually not black and white. Data does not measure everything, it measures a dot or
a line of something within everything. We think of it as black and white but it usually is not.

To understand anything important, we need to see color, pattern, process, exchange, motion, programming, transformation, context and state — in everything. We need to see from macroscopic to microscopic to systemic.

Pattern. We see the world in systemic color.


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