You are what you are.

You are what you consciously think you are.
You are what you subconsciously think you are. What you dream.

You are
        what those in your life
        what all living things who directly experience you
        what all living things who vicariously experience you
                                                                  sense you as and think of you as.

You are whatever instruments and mechanisms of judgement report that you are.

You are what your language and culture describes you as.
You are what other languages and cultures describe you as.

You are all that you have done, created, excreted.
You are input, processing and output.
You are all that you have vibrated with and exchanged with.

You are everything inside of you and bounding you and all of their programming and activity. 

IMGP04311-225x300IMGP03912-225x300Ceci n’est pas une You.

You are what you were.
You are what you will be.

You are an organism – living symbiotically with trillions of other organisms.

You are your functionality.
You are your potential.

You are from the universe and will return to the universe.
Your thoughts are so very different from every other in the universe.
You’ve left your footprints on the universe. 

You are pretty cool.

You are Y we exist. You are manifestations – Y Worlds representations.  Y Worlds

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3 thoughts on “Who Are You?

  1. It is effortful to see through the lookingglass and find so much upside down. thanks for the thought and video. more fuel for the fire.

  2. Alan,
    I am morphing into the straw man in the cynical civic center with a heart. Please feel free to burn away my words they are nothing but straw and any oiling of warmth in Y Worlds endeavor to provide singing and dancing in the Titanic Mass Manufactured Chaos of Bullsh$%t Mountain of OZ is actually my deliberate heart felt intention.

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