This is a model of a human being – represented as the confluence of Conscious, Subconscious and Corporal Systems.  We call this model the Y Person – it is shaped like a Y.  It was developed by using our Visual Y Engine: Version 9.13 – Very Early Developmental Stage. Our Visual Y Engine  was  programmed by Luke Stanley and Alex Petherick-Brian with help from Jack Swanson. The music for this rendition is called Libration Dub by Ostraka (John Keston).

Before we explain this model to you, we would like to share an intimacy about what we are really about, what we are really doing, what our real agenda is. We have tried many ways to explain ourselves over the years and here is another form of explanation.

The Matrix:

“You take the blue pill, the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believeYou take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Y Worlds is offering a red pill – for those of us willing and able to leave the comfort of our beliefs.


What has been programmed into our brains through our genetics and life experience is profoundly incomplete and systemically untrue. We are animals still emerging from our magnificent inherited cocoon. Our language, our learning, our mechanisms of organization, our sense of self and our capacity to comprehend complexity are primitive in the sense that we have extraordinary unrealized potential that can only be accessed by a red pill. What we are saying is that we have a choice to consciously and effortfully see ourselves and our world in a new context that can radically improve our care of ourselves, our understanding of the systemic truths (approaching truth) about how we and the world work, and about the collective beneficence that we all need to embrace.  

If you take the blue pill, you believe all knowledge and complexity can be captured by words and standard multimedia. If you take the blue pill, you believe what you believe with no easy access to alternatives. If you take the blue pill, you think of energy as a single construct, you think of government as some foreign body, you think companies own the earth, you strive for states of happiness that is never enough, you believe in hate as an acceptable condition, you believe the way humans have constructed their world is reality, you believe in made up stories and made up histories and incomplete science. We call the blue pill SLANT. If you are filled with SLANT, you are not open to radical new propositions such as ours.

If you take the red pill, you believe in setting everything you have learned and believed aside, and begin to reorient yourself to who you really are, what the world really is, and what you want to do about it. Y Worlds starts with Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems. But you can start anywhere. The red pill requires a SLANT free honesty. It powers you to be accurate and collaborative and compassionate and systemic and as wise you you can be, as loving as you can be, and as beneficent as you can be to yourself, to those around you, and to other people and other living beings. We call our red pill NETS. Many of you have your own versions of the red pill. Our version is a revolutionary form of enterprise that integrates NETS with millions of unified people using our Centro for valuing, collaboration, marketplaces, banking, investment, match making, creating, sharing, caring, understanding and mass action. We imagine a massive universal extraordinary visually portal that functions as a cooperative beneficent wealth sharing enterprise. We’re beginning second round funding presentations to venture firms, philanthropists and strategic partners on the east coast next week. 

If you take the red pill, it is up to you, with help from others such as Y Worlds, to figure out this brave new context. What we are doing with the simple primitive movie in this post is asking you to imagine a different way of understanding. If we taught you what the simple color scheme means in the movie, if we showed you the cells that make up the highest level of a human being, and then we showed you the movie to convey a meaning of concussion at the highest level – designed to satisfy a specific user objective – how a concussion propagates and what it damages across time and body – you would experience an instant understanding at the highest level. And then we would ask you to imagine a gaming like world where all knowledge is formed into living cellular models, where you would be traveling light years away from words toward a new universe that is based upon interactive generative multimedia as the primary conveyer of systemic knowledge. Every person in the world would have a rich experience interacting in this gaming world with knowledge, with other people, with enterprise, with economics and exchange. And every person in the world could introduce their own art and imagery and information into the models. This is not about knowledge. This is about who we are, how we interact with each other, how we collaborate and why. All of us have been programmed from birth. It is extremely difficult to view the systems of the world from afar, the way the world really works, the way our brain really works, when we have been deeply programmed with linear inherited code.

If you take the blue pill, you are happily driven by inherited beliefs, money, communicate via twitter and facebook, work hard for much of your life – then repeat for each future generation. If you take the blue pill, the full context of the health of the earth, the health of the peoples of the world, the health of you and your offspring, is not accessible.

As much as what we are doing at Y Worlds looks like instructions for how to live your life, we offer only 4 principles and they are Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems. The rest of it is up to you. We are developing a sustainable cooperative enterprise model to begin to bring some of our ideas to life. Our visual engine, our valuing system, our visual language, our new scaffoldings of multidimensional knowledge are inventions that we are experimenting with and beginning to put into action. When you see the simple movie in this post, or anything else we have produced to date, please recognize that we are you, that we are trying very hard to bring NETS to life, and that we are a prolific work in progress that encourages mass involvement. Our value proposition comes from redirecting the wealth of the world into massive cooperative beneficent enterprise built upon a transparent and just mechanism for investment and reward, for caring and giving, for sharing and creating. We are about Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems.

But if you don’t take the red pill, you will not see us, you will not see our scaffolding, and you will not see our dreams. In order for you to swallow the red pill, you will have to acknowledge, as we have, that much that is in our conscious and subconscious is in need of revision. Real change is hard. Most of us underestimate how deep the rabbit hole is – we are asking ourselves to be systemic about the dynamic of ourselves and the world. And the words we are using are necessary, but hardly sufficient to enable us to understand the complexity that produces high value meaning. To think outside of the limits of our native language is very hard to do. Our movie is a preview for what is to come.



This brief movie is the start of a pioneering effort toward a cure for complexity. We are showcasing an early stage demonstration of how a complex subject such as Concussion can be organized and portrayed at the highest level  by using a simple intuitive universal language that includes color, shape, pattern, movement and ontological cells. Imagine, instead of a movie, an interactive gaming like portal that allows users to navigate into worlds of knowledge, select what they wish to understand, and observe all dimensions and perspectives of that knowledge using rich multimedia. There are two shades of red (negative), two shades of blue (positive) and neutral (grey/brown) to describe the functionality of each cell of the model. Imagine this model having about 60 cells at the highest level, hundreds at the next level and thousands at level 3. Each cell has an identity. When you view any rendition of any model, you are witnessing which variables are in play, which are exchanging, which are functioning minimally, or fully, and how the entire system associated with the topic of your choice looks from a holistic viewpoint at your preferred level of detail. To fully understand complexity, to understand systems, to understand anything important, it is necessary to see all of the elements interacting as a whole. We can only imagine the capacity to see the whole – we have not had the resources to realize our imagination.

The basic concept is that all things complex should be organized into ontological model sets. Contributors and Curators would populate the models based upon a proof process that accumulates all of the evidence and understanding about a topic into one synthesis. Never do we want a single model or approach to be the only version. We encourage, expect, demand differences of opinion that will easily be displayed by Visual Y as differences of opinion. As certain versions and implementations receive greater and greater collaborative validity, it will become the version people migrate to. But there always will be instant access to question marks, alternatives, critiques and more. There will always be access to the derivations, proof processes and documentation.

The dynamic timeline ontological map shown on the lower right of the screen represents each content input across time. It forms the instructions for the visual maps – it is the root programming, the instruction set, for the map. Each object in the timeline can be manipulated and changed. Each change will result in a new movie. Or variants of the movie can be created and saved by anyone. To further complicate an already dense story, the movie will actually be a generative real time multidimensional pattern builder in the full implementation. Movies will not be stored. Movies will be the realization of generative code – accessed by simple acts of painting – which convey the desired meaning.

Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 9.48.40 AM

Visual Y is not just about making movies of knowledge. Visual Y is intended to be a universal navigable browser.  Visual Y is a new way to construct knowledge at the highest levels. Imagine clicking on anything on screen and being able to view detailed layers, alternative perspectives, alternative scenarios, connections to other models. Imagine layers of cellular ontologies representing the variables in play across the spectrum of viewpoints. Each cell has an identity that never changes shape or position. The cells and their ontological groupings become a new language. Each cell is filled with pattern that define its meaning. Each cell has an ontological identity. The knowledge depicted by the cells can pertain to anything of value – relationships, partnerships, collaborations, investments, value exchanges, understandings, problem solving, science, economics, climate, energy, health etc.

The highest level view of Visual Y extracts meaning from the complexity of Concussion. It shows health and harm. It shows change across time. It shows permanent damage versus repaired injury. It shows all the variables in play within the body. It looks equally at the corporal, conscious and subconscious perspectives and integrates them into one understanding.

If this model were available 5 years ago, hundreds of people’s brains would have been saved. Because having the model would have caused us to fill in the model, forcing an early discovery that any trauma to the head can lead to permanent damage or can trigger reactions within the body that irrevocably change the person.

In the movie about Concussion, we are showing the progression of ontological cells damaged by a concussion down 2 levels. This movie does not show all of the cells in the model but encourages you to imagine how a full cellular model might work. Damage begins in the Corporal at certain specific cells, and the damage progresses across Conscious and Subconscious functions, leaving permanent damage.

We are using the very words we have just disparaged to communicate our visual imagination to you. This is because words do work – it is our language. You are not seeing brave new vistas for human interaction produced by Y Worlds because the human resources and technological capacity to turn our imagination into reality are just now emerging – generative software and real time image processing horsepower and bandwidth. We need to create a much larger cooperative team in order to perform the programming that will power our fully collaborative future. The movie you see in this post is the best we can do at this moment. It is a glimmer of what we have planned and there is more to come shortly.

We imagine a lively multimedia world that we will interact with to insert and extract knowledge, to create a fully collaborative sustainable economy, to construct a valuing system that helps people find each other, collaborate with each other, exchange value with each other, and live a rich computer aided life (CAL).

Y Worlds. The question is Blue Pill or Red Pill. You cannot know us if you take the Blue Pill. Take the Red Pill and leap into a NETS based world.

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