Y Worlds is constructing a quantum leap in the art and science of human endeavor.

First, we deconstruct and then semiotically reconstruct the language and perception necessary to synthesize complexity.
We introduce a new visual language composed of dynamic systemic ontological models of everything – from all viewing layers and perspectives.

Second, we extract and share high value knowledge from the commons using Lumi and  Visual Y – the new semiotic engine.

Third, we invent a portal, a CENTRO, that feels like a grand video game but operates as a conduit for the people of the earth to organize and communicate for beneficent purposes.

Fourth, we create an integral parallel economic system that values people using a humanistic and trustworthy semiotic app that serves as the scaffolding for NETS based enterprise creation, sharing, exchange, market formation and banking.

We disrupt the controllers of the earth. We disrupt the advertising mechanism. We disrupt wealth isolated from beneficent purpose. We disrupt the power of corrupt politics. We disrupt the captivity of people to the inherited systems and to inherited poverty. We disrupt the haters and harmers and distorters.

We introduce a cooperative enterprise designed to exponentially grow by feeding all of its participants with value and currency and caring and sharing and fellow travelers on a massive scale. Mass Action.

Y Worlds. Wayfinding together at a massive scale.

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