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0 thoughts on “Language

  1. Alan,

    Thanks for starting a conversation in regards to language. I love language as you do.

    We share a biological universe with an entire web of life including a living universe. The quantum dynamics of the plasticity in my central nervous system is coded identically with that of a dog. We share the same biological fundaments and the dog is never late for a meeting. I miss a meeting and possibly get terminated with a text message today. What makes a human being unique from other species in the web of life is semiotic languaging based in emotioning, feelings and meaningful interpretive appreciative conversations with others. We live moment to moment linguistic universe of signage including a Milky Way. I (we) (us) create our identities, narratives and coordinations of coordinations as referents creating virtual self awareness, families, societies, and cultural intrinsic activities languaging the human experience together. Scientific rhetoric is the subject of variables of observed complexity, and is distinct from a heart felt emotioning expressed in a poetic utterance in a poem, song or dance? Do you agree? The question I propose in language is which view point has value in designing a future reality together?

    Your presentation on semiotic’s is a presentation using your languaging offering a new view of signage in understanding the conscious, unconscious and corporal existence. Your invention is using the language of complexity declaring a new garage band in a distinction called “Y Worlds.” All of this is occurring in languaging. I am a listener deciding to participate in play in your garage with no expectations of anything.

    The basic claim I hear is Y Worlds capacity of solving the complexity in languaging through semiotics. What is semiotics? I am a beginner so keep it simple for the level of a 3rd garder. I consider questions need care, feeding and nurturing more than technical scientific answers based on any individual’s expectation for mutual agreement. Furthermore, I am tired and exhausted in this notion that there must be ‘a’ truth in our shared reality as an agreed upon standard praxis for being human. It’s apparent in our conditional situational as ‘a’ humanity that this notion is an absolute lie as we teeter on the verge of WW III in confusing declarative assumptions of truth in reality based on gods fighting between one another in a patriotic fever behind flags of nation states.

    I share your passionate desire to breakthrough into a new inter~trans~disciplinary understanding of self awareness in semiotic languaging that gathers trust in my and our humanness by enactively harness~sing adequate activities in human commitments to current permanent domains of human concerns; such as money which you pointed to in your presentation or climate change that I consider a planetary emergence in our living together.

    I say complexity is just another word that has arisen in the philosophy of western scientific systemic explanations expressing a state of an exponential unsustainable crisis where speakers justify inaction in doing what is necessary to solve the hard wicked problem in our humanity. The scientific dualistic linear method is a paradox that has lost the capacity in languaging to offer any meaningful reflections in our living together outside of a global marketplace based in physicalism, eliminative materialism, and a cognitive consumptive paradigm of corporate information making people sick and destroying planet earth simultaneously.

    Complexity is a word that my biology expresses when I am sick, stuck, confused, distrusting and resigned to the surrounding recursive variables of a global cultural matrix lacking any human vision of sustainable future. I simply don’t know what to do with all the overwhelming signage (semiotics) and find watching the increasing manufactured messaging 24/7/365 detrimental to my own health and well being?

    I invite us to speak about the complexity of money or/and climate change as a process for exploring effective communication, between you and I, that takes an enactive embodied approach to action in creating new signage. What happens in current human scientific communications is recursive ontological arguments that uses theoretical scientific assumptions of variables as representational philosophical facts of life to sustain an unsustainable swept along historic drift, in my humble assessment. Or as you say in Y Worlds the slants justify and explain the current error in the conditional situation being experienced and semiotics visualization offers the whole signage within a narrow construct of language. Is that agreed ?

    Money and climate change are human domains occurring in networks of conversations offering explanatory meaning to our current scientific propositions based in old western cultural linguistic assumptions based in institutional powers of cultural discourses having position, titles and publications our understandings of what we are doing in living. Both money and climate change leading conversations are failing to address the hard wicked problem of aesthetic beauty in human meaningful conversations. Instead, IMHO, we have political economic discourses lead by ‘assholes’ and ‘idiots’ conversing in a constant manufactured media presentation of ‘bullsh$%t’ creating distrust in human creative intelligence. I am not swearing nor cheapening the heart of the matter, just using the indignant outrageousness felt by my fellow global citizenry and clarifying the signage on the current road biosemiotics called Mushin.

    Our semiotic symbols are now faster, better and cheaper going nowhere as the western science of globalized markets demands our obedience and negates the creative spontaneous human intuitive beauty of being human as participative poets, artists and humanitarians caring for self awareness, and a possible child centric sustainable future. My crude bottom line expression of main street is “Get Money of Eat Dirt” in the agreed upon determinant western scientific praxis of buying and selling one another like robotic lab rats running faster than ever on the treadmill of TV visualizations, while your children end up living in debtor prisons of a concrete jungle based in a culture of death and human insanity. I like being direct in my biosemiotic metaphors on the landscape I am experiencing. Fortunately, I know a few children and actually am optimistic following their intuitive insights.

    I appreciate you opening an appreciative inquiry and dialog into semiotics and the signs of our time. I am not a technologist, nor do I assess that technology is capable of providing any saving grace in regards to our hopelessness in regards to money or climate change. Rather, responsible human decision making is required in solidarity which at the moment is a moon shot in my assessment. Our technological games today are best expressed in the un~piloted drones flying missions to fight terrorism by our bright young dignified technologist children at Langley. It is an oxymoronic exercise where coercive arrogant aggressive violent behaviors is taking on a whole new level of problem solving capabilities to deviant behaviors and scaring the daylight out of children on the arrested adolescent playground. Just because you can do “this or that” in western science, doesn’t mean its right or ethical to do it as an experiment? The political irony is drones claim to protect and secure an illusive economic American Dream by implementing without any restraint criminal behaviors of injustice shocking the entire world. This is a culture of death operating an insane global marketplace and a western scientific tradition that has lost any dignity for our humaness as a humanity. I consider this utterance signage of a serious emotional contradiction and double bind in being an American Veteran and Global Citizen.

    The only intuitive languaging that makes sense to this participant in your Y World Garage is a new sensibility that arises from spontaneous gracefulness in presence becoming an artist that passionate desires to sculpt meaningful pictures in the midst of this genocidal suicide of money and climate change? What I observe is a surrounding world that has no ethical mindfulness left intact and is using complexity as a justified excuse to do nothing, which only increases the dysfunctional fragmentation of my world, and ultimately I become a road warring terminator within a demanding cultural matrix of violent genocidal attitudes, behaviors and activities in the human conditional situation. No thanks not interested, and maybe I am not alone?

    I am committed to new signage (semiotics) on the road ahead. I just wonder if complexity of variables is necessary in caring, feeding and nurturing the human imagination of my four year old grand daughter? She celebrated her fourth birthday yesterday on D-Day. She says “Grandpa you take care of the small problems and I’ll take of the big ones.” Isn’t the gracefulness of an intuitive poetic beautiful human utterance enough? How do you quantify or qualify suchness in language? What happened to smiling and trusting one another? Or is a simple song expressing grounded optimism in the heart of all matter by a child’s semiotic knowing possibly the answer?

    Maybe I am ‘a’ eternal retarded youth within this thirsting for power in global market developments based in money denying climate change as a permanent human concern? Maybe some hot shot young scientific technologist in a cyborg educational institution creates the new and improved plastic fantasy land of tomorrow where human beings are reduced to space cadets fighting alien universal terrorism? Wow! What’s new or creative in that notion of designing technological semiotic power?

    The hard wicked problem before us in Y Worlds, or any other world, is how do we resurrect human dignity, equanimity, and justice in the midst of genocidal insanity that has been created by western scientific complexity that has lost what it means to be a human being? Money runs the world not people. Human beings are natural lovers of artistic sculpturing based in simplification of meaning encountering one another’s source presence as friends. Somehow it appears to me we have forgotten who we are in the midst of western scientific systemic complex variables? Maybe the illness, dysfunctional stress, distortions in our ontological arguments is obscuring our innate presence capable of loving and trusting one another? It’s just a reflection!

    Regardless, its interesting conversing with Y Worlds speculative garage where ‘misfits’ may find a new home in crafting signage for a third wave renaissance caring for people, planet and sustainability for the children of tomorrow.

    Music transcends the linguistic symbolic languaging that always fails to meet our expectations of truth in reality and designing a future world together. Here is one of my favorite biosemiotic endosemiotic exosemiotic for your Object de Art Y Worlds Studio and Garage Bandits making new iconic semiotic languaging a possible possibility!

    Enjoy! Mushin
    Shoatakovich 5th Symphony

  2. Mushin, there probably were a billion autopoetic steps that brought you to who you are today. Your sensefinding, wayfinding, lenses, expression and absolutely unique languaging provide me with an experience that is powerful, fresh, rooted and systemically structured. You strike a resonant chord in me, like shostakovich, and I imagine the indigenous creations of sense and sound and image and language expanded toward their full potential, which is our organic vision of semiotics, and the meaning within the human experience. We are about to share our new web site, our new visualization engine, and our proposal for large scale funding to realize our vision,and I believe this includes a sizeable portion of your vision. Alan

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