We don’t need another H*ro. We don’t need another martyr. We don’t need to elevate specific brands of human beings for marketing and mythical purposes.

Every one of us experience a spectrum of struggles. There are struggles within our mind and there are struggles within our body and there are struggles within the context of our lives. 

Some involve life and death. Some involve forms of physical pain and mental anguish. Some involve chance occurrences. Some involve tragedy or trauma. Some involve special recognitions, understandings and acknowledgements that dent or penetrate the density of noise – a moment or lifetime of finding signal and pattern and meaning amidst the noise. Some involve commitments, determinations, resolve, fortitude and disciple. Some involve nothing of the sort. 

Crying in pain, shivering with fear, avoiding confrontations, unable to change, addictions to something are also part of the spectrum of struggles. Denying the inherited value of hatred and angers and acts of physical strength is a struggle. Being different and at the same time being at one with yourself and others and the universe, are forms of struggle because we have to expend an extraordinary energy, an effort, to overcome SLANT – this does not come easy for any of us. 

Inaccurate and self serving accounts from historical and media reportage anoint a few people for special recognition. Each instance provides visual evidence of the pervasive denial and distortion of the fact that among us, everywhere, there are acts of joy, of courage, of compassion, of expression, of hard fought progress or hard fought defeats. There are struggles with fear and complacency. No one act is any more an act of courage or struggle than another. No one act deserves to be called out for special attention at the expense of others. We don’t need another H*ro. We don’t need martyrs.

We need to build a world where we do not need the constructs or the sacrifices of H*roes and Martyrs. We need to learn to learn, we need to learn to care, we need to learn about ourselves and our world, and we need to learn to collaborate for Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems. Every human being on earth struggles and within each mind the struggles are real and no less important than the struggles in another’s mind. We know.

There is an Equality across the essence of struggle. But, there are also objectives on Earth. People need to be fed, protected and educated, the Earth needs to be sustained, protected and understood. We can and should judge systemically who among us is able to contribute to specific Nurtures and Equalities and Truths and human Systems that work for all. We can and should enable everyone to contribute and benefit.

Y Worlds.  We don’t need another H*ro. We need you. 

H*roes Pt. 1

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