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2 thoughts on “100 People

  1. The 100 member portrait of our human situational condition is an interesting reflection on how imperative it is at this moment in envisioning a clearing for learning that brings forth our mutual liberation as a learning community. Imagine human dignity self organizing as a unified people, planet and sustainability in the household of our shared humanity? We have solutions to the creative collapsing opportunities before us with exceptional expertise in vast domains of scientific inquiry and dialog, and it requires us to gather trust in P2P communicative competency and harnessing human commitments in designing a future world together where people and planet are the primary intentional deliberate activities in this notion of a global creative commons. Sustainability of the whole person and planet is seen as the primary passionate desire and presence of every human autonomy becoming an enacted embodied creative intelligence in freedom, interdependent self regulating relationships, and our humanness in community of man unleashes the creative emotional juices a gracefulness in reverence, restoration and recreation of our natural beauty, wonder and surprise where human beings realize in living there household of earth in the natural law in the Milky Way surrounding us in love.
    Thanks for the reflection!

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