i·de·ol·o·gy [ dee ólləjee ]   

  1. system of social beliefs: a closely organized system of beliefs, values, and ideas forming the basis of a social, economic, or political philosophy or program

  2. meaningful belief system: a set of beliefs, values, and opinions that shapes the way a person or a group such as a social class thinks, acts, and understands the world

The reason we have wars is ideology. The reason we have poverty is ideology. The reason governments cannot achieve human potentials is ideology. The reason people cannot find work is ideology. The reason public education stops dead in its track at age 18 is ideology. The reason we do not understand our bodies and our minds is ideology. The reason all of us are not eager learners and caregivers is ideology. The reason the earth’s climate is steadily approaching a breaking point is ideology. The reason more of the earth’s wealth is owned by less and less people is ideology. The reason people are obese, illiterate or smokers is ideology.

IMG_0683The reason women and people of color and people of certain religions and people with certain physical attributes and people with certain gender attractions and people with certain physical constraints and people from certain regions and people with limited resources face a more challenging life is ideology.

The reason you hate is ideology. The reason you think the way you think is ideology. The reason there are vague and ineffective political parties and vacuous governmental objectives is ideology. The reason dictatorships and tyrannical regimes exist is ideology. Ideology is whatever life experience programming drives our individual and collective brains.

A purpose of Y Worlds, perhaps THE purpose of Y Worlds, is to assert the idea that none of us can escape the SLANT of ideology.

The constructs that each of us use to make sense of anything need to be our life’s work, not a tangent to our life. We, the folks at Y Worlds, believe that while all of us have the right to our own ideology, the world would be a better place for everyone and every thing if we could all consciously, subconsciously and corporally nurture each other, see each other as equals, learn as much as we can through a systemic proof-shaped collective lens and organize ourselves to share these principles and the accompanying resources with each other and with the rest of life.

Holding ourselves accountable to a simple set of principles, to a simple set of objectives, to a simple set of landmarks, to a simple constitution for all, as we conduct our lives, is what we believe is necessary for us to achieve our potential.

Anyone following Y Worlds is no stranger to our belief system – Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems. We know our insistence on inserting these principles into everything we do feels like a top down ideology, a theology, just like all the others.


Our response to these concerns begins with a strong acknowledgement that from your viewpoint we do appear to be just another ideology, and perhaps we are. If you think about it, anyone telling you anything that you do not currently believe is likely to be viewed with skepticism and suspicion.

We are not only telling you something you may not agree with, we are telling you that we think virtually everything you have within you from genetic sensing and cognition, and everything you have been programmed to believe, are systemically inaccurate to such an extent that the entire viewpoint you have inherited is outrageously outdated and misleading.

We are telling everyone that if you are satisfied to think what you think without effortfully and diligently experiencing a fresh, clean view of the complexity beneath the clouds of superficiality, you will continue on with growing momentum and will find it more and more difficult to break free of SLANT.

IMG_0394We do not believe in deities, but we believe that the belief in potentials can be beneficial. We do not believe in ideology, but we believe that an ideology that does not believe in ideology can be beneficial. We do not believe in absolute truth, but we believe that the vigorous systemic pursuit of truth can be beneficial.

We do believe that the pursuit of truth takes us to NETS, or some close variation. We believe the history of the world, the history of science, and the history of knowledge and the culmination of our best thinking strongly supports our belief that if we desire to live in a sustainable world  beneficently organized for all, we have to adopt and vigorously embody nurture, equality, truth and systems into everything we do from the moment of conception to the moment of replenishment.

We reject the constructs of republicans and democrats. We reject the constructs of right and left wings. We reject the constructs of geographies and ethnicities. We reject the artificial distinctions of gender and gender attraction. We reject the idea that whatever one thinks or says is more valuable when it comes without context — without validated proof process documentation. We reject the idea of organizations operating without clear and transparent accountability and beneficent objectives.

We reject the idea that we should be driven by ideology rather than by clear and transparent objectives linked to every action and every investment. We reject the idea that any of us must do any of what we describe. To nurture is to enable people to be free and independent. But systemically, to nurture also includes being learned and caring. To nurture requires an understanding of the complexity among the variables of the systems that comprise life and matter:energy.

Our ideology is to maximize our learning about our minds, our bodies, our systems and our universe using a transparent and engaging collaborative proof process. Our ideology is to brilliantly and compassionately apply our learning to how we organize our mind and how we collectively organize our world. If you think the composition of our world today is at all consistent with our ideology, think again. Please, think again. Lets build a free standing new world cooperative using the organic hybrid seeds from our best collective knowledge.

Y Worlds. Always thinking about thinking. Nurture, Equality, Truth, Systems.

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2 thoughts on “Ideology

  1. Rejecting “the reality of” a construct is different from how one values that construct. We can comprehend a construct while knowing it to be not true, according to some criteria about truth.

    We have an unconscious “ideology” about how we process language, how we comprehend “ideology” and what we mean by “comprehend”. Linear logic is only locally valid. Our mental processes are enabled/constrained by the structure of our brains.

    To the extent that I comprehend your use of “slant”, slant is a necessary feature of human cognition. Cognition involves periodic closure, analogous to the collapse of a quantum state to a macro measurable state. Or the brain concludes processing and sends info to the behavioral and experiential centers. This can never represent the full reality (if that is a valid concept). It always has slant.

    IMA the best we can do is pragmatic, we survive/thrive. We have a meta-ideology and slant that all ideologies are relative and temporary. Collectively, a process is selected to mix ideology and slants for optimum survival/thrival. NETS is actually a formula for pragmatic process, for who we believe humans are. Is NETS applicable for social insects, for bacteria?

    We must accept that our minds can’t settle down and feel comfortably stable in some idealistic state. The alternative to “linear” is complex and more than “circular”. We must accept the dynamic uncertainty of “reality”, even while we admit we can never “fully comprehend” it, in terms of our ideologies.

  2. Larry, nicely expressed and important to grasp! The New York Times just shared an article about how a school forced students to distinguish between truth/fact and ideology/opinion. Is something true or is it an opinion? The author rejected the artificial wall between the two constructs. This is where the Proof Process comes into play – addressing as you say “the dynamic uncertainty of “reality””. If we consciously choose to develop an open, dynamic, eternally learning, systemically grounded ideology, we have a better chance of pursuing “truth” and “reality”, and if we inclusively and transparently share our linear vectors of evidence and our multi-dimensional synthesis (semiotic proof process consilience) toward an emerging understanding, we will be closer to approaching our destination, while recognizing there will always be more to learn, more to understand, more sources of knowledge, and a vast and valuable array of perspectives and takes on everything important.

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