It is likely that over the past ten years we have exchanged more information than in the totality of prior human existence. In that time, we have become rather adept at keeping track of data points, but not the connections and exchanges among them. We can easily and accurately comprehend locations, times, basic statistics, countless measures and recordings of data points, and track what people say and do – the abc’s of our daily lives. But everything else, everything important, the systemic workings that define our lives and our world, what we call the xYz’s, are composed of complexities and dimensions, the hows and whys, that defy simple truths and single data points.

At Y Worlds we would like to define Truth semiotically as the integration of 3 principles:

The pursuit of Truth requires a systemic and semiotic frame of reference. Our NETS model includes both Truth and Systems constructs. They are not mutually exclusive, they are symbiotic – one cannot thrive without the other.

Humans have constructed a loose patchwork of provisional knowledge in an attempt to explain everything from how the universe functions to the workings of the human centric world. The patchwork encompassing us is seldom systemic, seldom well documented and seldom set in context.

We believe this patchwork would benefit from a formal proof and validation process that stands behind any assertion or assumption. We believe we should adopt a small number of systemic frameworks that will help us process complexity (Y Worlds models). We believe there needs to be an open source browser based multimedia engine to drive a new semiotic language that can help us handle complexity. And we believe we need to filter our sources of knowledge toward those who are committed to understanding and who acknowledge thoughtful differences of opinion.


We would like you to ask yourself, whose role is it to help bring us the best information on anything complex? (Health—Future—Job—Economies—Government—Child Nurture—Investments—Relationships—Safety—Peace—etc).

We believe there is no mechanism, single source or format today that delivers a trustworthy and comprehensive approach to any complex subject.

Our Truth
The Y Worlds Truth
is the pursuit, the intent, the rigor and the comprehensiveness of perceiving, organizing and experiencing everything within proof based systemic frameworks.

Y Worlds Cooperative is asking you to help us build up these frameworks and then populate them with the aggregated and validated knowledge of humankind, relying on a new semiotic language built to handle complexity. We are launching an aggressive approach to obtain the best knowledge from every corner of the world.

We are the people we depend on.

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