The Systems construct in Y Worlds requires us to view the world through systemic eyes. Small systems are connected to larger systems that are connected to horizontal systems that are connected to recursive systems that are connected to what happens, as well as what does not happen – and why. To understand anything complex, there are multiple models, dimensions and perspectives that together provide us with a comprehensive realization of the variables, relationships, exchanges and programming that make up the world.

All wealth originates from the earth (sun & universe), the soil, the atmosphere, ingredients, water, biomes, cells, seeds and brains. Humans have constructed mechanisms of thought and action that have resulted in the historically massive extraction and conversion of matter and energy from the earth. 
Mechanisms have been created and employed so that individuals and organizations can buy access to much of the surface of the Earth, to about 1/2 mile of vertical space above the earth, and buy the legal right to extract matter and energy from beneath the earth (oil, water, coal, metals, minerals, sands etc.). 
Who owns the earth? Our inherited ownership mechanism is to divide the earth into countries and those in control of the countries decide how to convey access and rights. Some countries operate as limited democracies – many operate without any significant representative empowerment. 
At Y Worlds, we imagine and believe the earth is owned by the commons- NETS. We imagine and believe that access to the resources of the earth needs to be in the form of a systemic collaborative with clear objectives.
We imagine and believe the massive extraction of resources and the massive waste products from extraction, processing and utilization should be guided by systemic principles and objectives that prefer nurture to harm, sustainability to depletion, purity to contamination, and optimization to maximization.
We imagine and believe absolute power corrupts absolutely.
We imagine and believe that if massive wealth is created from access to the earth’s resources, the commons is entitled to be the primary beneficiary, the shareholder of the earth, the curator of the earth, the conservator of the earth. 
We imagine and believe that there cannot be a free, fair and effective marketplace if there is no objective, no measures against the objective, no accounting for full costs, no accounting for cost/benefit, no accounting for opportunity cost, no mechanisms to invest in systemic futures, and no accounting for the NETS based distribution of wealth to the commons.

If a third party purposely kills a tree or a bird or a thousand trees and half a million birds, there is no accounting, no valuing, no systemic feedback loop for objectives and consequences.
As we have recently learned, there is no collective valuing of the life of a whale, of the loss of an aquifer, of the warming of the earth, of the preventions of harm, of the avoidance of war, of the lack of prenatal nurture….

We imagine and believe that if there were a global board of directors asked to achieve NETS, operate according to NETS, view the world according to NETS, they would recommend that the current earth based wealth of the world should gradually return to the stewardship of a NETS based commons, and they would empower the currency based wealth of the world to invest in our future potential.
Y Worlds. We value the systemic knowledge generated by TruCost, and we imagine and believe our first step should be to build and grow a parallel socio-economic world system that models NETS and diligently pursues true costs and true benefits and true potentials.

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