Watching sunbeams play upon clouds, dust near a picture window, people on a hot city street at sunset, or water droplets at the top of the sky remind me of the purity of my childhood mind, unpolluted by the cumulus distortions of other people’s lenses.

In a very fresh mind, patterns of matter and energy are freely observed, time is lazy and judgment cedes to existential stimulation. That very early mind, and the being incorporating the mind, come with an incredibly detailed set of software programs that define its functions and operations. Each being has its own unique code set. And the codes that make up its programming drive every single action. And every single interaction can result in new code that is either stored in various ways and places or disregarded.

So as a four year old lying on my back in tall wet grass experiencing the generative motion picture of a fierce thunderstorm fast approaching from the West, my programming, my senses, my nerves, my pattern recognition, my freedom to exhilarate were stronger than they would ever again be.

My thoughts of the unfoldings were not expressed in words at all yet I remember every detail.

I remember the smell, the taste, the electricity, the hues of dark, the echoes of sound, the pace of air, the power of the force, the changes in temperature, my shivers. It was a profound sensory experience. It touched me everywhere in ways I long to be touched again. It brought tears of delight. The childish mind experienced that momentum without an iota of distortion from other people’s lenses.

It was not a storm to me. It simply was.

Yes, the world is complex. Everything important is complex. And everything in the world has pre-programming, a foundation code. Everything. In terms of matter and energy, there is never nothing. Something is everywhere. What occupies everything, we may never know. And Truth is both simple and complex. The Universe is. Matter and Energy are. Beings try to figure it out. They pursue Truth. But Beings have programming distortions. And when Beings are in the clouds, and cannot see the clouds from a distant perspective, they lose the most important part of Truth – the systemic knowledge. The best pursuit of Truth comes from objective, full perspective, systemic, knowledge driven, open minded third party observers. And there are precious few of those in the world.

I fully experienced what my language calls a thunderstorm. I did not understand it as a system, as a scientific phenomenon with possibly catastrophic consequence. Those thoughts never crossed my mind. Yet I more accurately and fully experienced what was happening because there was no intervening lens, no distortion to mask what my total being was sensing. But later, as a teenager, it became a thunderstorm that I had learned about from parents, school and books. But the word itself, thunderstorm, distorted the pure, diluted the essence, skewed the accurate systemic meaning of this unique confluence of matter and energy.

Every thunderstorm is different. Using the word makes it harder for me to see each thunderstorm as independent and unique. Words are a strand in the fabric of systemic understanding.

A storm suggests a violent deviation from the norm of weather – often characterized by high winds and substantial rain. In many parts of the world a storm is considered essential to the normal system. A storm signals transition. A storm may serve to drive a more detrimental weather condition out, or bring a new and beneficial weather system in. A storm may not be a storm.

No heart attack is an attack on the heart.
No war is a thing.
No love is the same.
       No white person is a white.
       No black person is a black.
       No step parent requires qualification.
              No government is a thing.
              Wall Street does not think.
              Politics means lying.
                     Movies and music and video games and thunderstorms are life experiences.
                            Elevators are robots.
                                   And for one person,
                                          thunderstorms are regeneration.


Hear a virtual thunderstorm, and read more about matter and energy.
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2 thoughts on “Thunderstorms

  1. Jack,
    What a beautiful post of the innocence in a child centric observer feeling the splaces between the wave and particles of the iconic experience of a thunderstorm. You helped me recover that childhood experience today where the positive charging in the surrounding atmosphere was a conductor of a beautiful symphony of becoming alert in living life on the edge of wonder, spontaneous involvement, creativity and surprising insights beyond comprehension or understanding, and yet constituting an anchoring cognitive realization in living guiding all the future activity in the complexities of navigating the future thunderstorms in living life.

    Thunderstorms are viewed by many indigenous societies as living beings. Western science is beginning to explore thunder beings and now knows that if lightening was to be halted on earth for just 20 minutes everything everywhere would die immediately. We are beginning to explore and understand the living electro magnetic splaces between waves and particles that represent appearing signals yet hide the deeper wisdom continuum in scalar knowing power that is unseen, undetected, beyond measure and operating in sublime presence of momentariness in being awake in human experience.

    It’s good to meet you my friend and please share more of this child centric clearing for learning in our emergent liberation of knowledge creation together. The questioning I am left with is why do we as observers create fear and loathing of thunderstorms? Where does this observer error arise in our historic cultural matrix? What if we as observers started to observe the precious priceless presence of thunder beings in love rather than fear in a child centric clearing with future generations, what do you see is the consequences? What role does the observer play in the games of life and designing a future worldhood together? What is your vision of nurturing truth in equality in the Y Worlds systemic systems enfolding our attention? Share the lightening of your soulful presence in that child centric curiosity and continue to breakdown the fear of the thunderstorms surrounding us today. U Y World inspirator!
    Thank you Mushin

  2. Mushing, great comment as always. You bring up good questions and ideas about the cultural role of thunderstorms and our inherited view of them. Would love to discuss this in more depth.

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