To make sense, one must start at the end.

The end begins with consilience, the linking together of principles from different disciplines – especially when forming a comprehensive theory. For anything important, share your fully formed conclusion first, expressed with accuracy, completeness and a Proof Process.

We need to reinvent how we think about ourselves and our world, beginning with principles and systemic objectives, because the muddle of “what is” will not, is not, cannot lead us to our potential, and instead seems to be pushing us down the SLANT of irreversible harm.

consilence-3At home, in the office, on the internet, across media and expression, and within our corporal, conscious and subconscious selves, humans communicate stuff. When we awake the day after a typical deluge of communications, we usually retain some puddles and drips from the prior day that slowly evaporate across time. If the moisture from information and knowledge and principles is deeply absorbed, if it pools into the programming of your mind or body, if it transcends the noise of stuff and becomes the permanent signal of intelligent vitalizing life on earth, it will help your growth, and help you grow.

The topics on Facebook pages we follow today are filled with comments about severe storms around the globe, about America’s health care computer failure, about spying, about big companies, about big media personalities, about violence and threats of erupting hot spots, about superphones and super gadgets, about peer to peer, about finding jobs, about young entrepreneurs….

consilience-2We talk about this stuff, we hit hot buttons for a while, we agree or disagree, we surf all over the place, and then do it again tomorrow, remembering just a dribble or two from the day before. Or, maybe, something profoundly transformational poured into your mind and soul yesterday, and changed you forever. This kind of change usually does not happen across social media. Change usually does not happen overnight. Change usually does not happen after watching an incredible movie that moved you to tears. Change usually does not happen while watching the news. Change usually does not happen when someone, like us, tries to introduce a new language and platform for you to consider. Change, across one’s mind and body, usually takes time and involves an effortful conscious commitment that is sustained by reprogramming components of our subconscious and corporal being. But if the change is just change, then that is what it is. For us, preferably, the change is part of a diligent comprehensive lifelong process of reconsidering everything, based upon your best knowledge, your best intentions, and certain inalienable principles that propel all of us toward our potential – Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems.

NETS-daily-y-twoNETS is what makes sense to us. It is the punch line. And despite your reluctance to embrace such a belief system, it makes far better sense to us than the noise of people throwing partially formed communications to each other without objectives, without Proof Process validation, without the integrity of a whole view, and without the universality necessary for it to become adopted and implemented as civilization’s way forward. Instead, we are immersed in discourse about thousands of wrongs, we are immersed in us and them, we are immersed in beliefs founded in mind bending ethers, we are immersed in a distorted sense of self and place, we are immersed in a world that we cannot change by only taking on small bits and pieces of understanding. We need a solid scaffolding of principles that evokes the best Declarations of Independence and the very best Constitutions of the world, that evokes the greatest compassion and the fullest freedoms, that benefits from the empowerment of billions to act on behalf of our potentials, that cycles the wealth of the world into thoughtful organic investments in a sustainable future for all, that builds a new kind of enterprise and a new kind of exchange that is inclusive and progressive, and that stops the insanity of how we currently attempt to make sense of our world.

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