Everything I know is a figment of human imagination – best case.
Worst case – skip the imagination.

Who I am. What I am. Where I am. All the human constructs – work, school, houses, families, corporations, economies, borders, race, religion, science, animals, words, language, art, life, love, government, cars, offices, laws, armies, time, health, media, weather, earth, planets and the universe, big bang and bada bing…. Figments.

Some of these constructs exist in physical space as we know it. We know the big round thing under us, what we call earth, exists because our senses and our built-in sensors can detect and measure it. The existence of this object is not a figment.

Everything about how I understand it is a figment. Everything I know about it came from other human beings passed down from other human beings passed down from other human beings.
I have my own observations. But every one of my observations is caused by, skewed by, distorted by, factored by the accumulation of thoughts, ideas and observations made by millions of humans who lived before me.

Everything exists. Everything has physical properties. Tangible objects, particles and forces occupy the universe. When these objects, particles and forces form a system – 
a universe, a living organism – these systems have physical properties. Because a living organism interacts with other systems, those interactions are entirely physical. Words are physical. Language is physical. Concepts are physical. Do you believe that your thoughts originate in your brain? Thought is physical, with a metaphysical chaser.

But it has unique properties that, in order to understand it, we must dually recognize that the system of thought is composed of the physical processes of the brain and the associated constructs that we call consciousness, thought and feeling – recognizing that there is much we do not know about how we function. We sense physically. We communicate physically. And the layers of physical processing we call conscious and subconscious can best be understood by tackling the physical head on, but recognizing that the processing is a unique outcome that can best be understood by studying the processing and subsequent memory, communication and actions.


All this made up stuff has some form of organization to it, some order to it. Look at the shapes of these words. They are just shapes. We have learned to give these shapes meaning.
We internalize and process these shapes and they serve as the way we communicate.  

They are JUST a bunch of shapes!

We refer to them as a language. We can hear them in our mind. These shapes and meanings have not changed markedly for centuries.  Think of it. We have constructed a very complex world but I cannot use words to effectively describe it. Imagine trying to fully explain how our economy works, how our body works, what you have in your conscious right now. I have deeper, broader, richer communications with my personal computer than I do with you right now.


Make the sound of laughter. Make the sound loud! Don’t be afraid if ANYONE can hear you.
It is the exhale of air from your lungs.  It is a laughably beautifully primitive sound – physical cyclic pushes of our thoracic diaphragm. Laughter is an early sound, a deeply inherited programmed sound, that has not changed for centuries. But we don’t process laughter that way.
We are programmed in our language and culture to hear that repetitive physical exhale as laughter. 
But laughter can be pure joy or a reaction to the pain of others – slapstick. A child’s laugh.

In the English language, we have a word, Love, that we think has meaning. But in the light of day it means nothing, and everything. It is just a word. Spoken or written, sung or symbolized, it is merely a word in our language. The meaning of love, of anything, is in the mindfelt meaning – how wide and deep and irrevocable and generous. Not the use of the word.  Our words fail us.

Our language fails us. One can use the word love for the taste of dark chocolate, for a favorite piece of music or to define an infinite range of human relationships. I love you today but tomorrow… maybe not. I love my family but not my closest friends. I love my dog more deeply than my sister. I do not love myself but I am looking to love others. I have had numerous lovers. You are the love of my life, but wow, you have some flaws we need to address. All you need is love, dat dah da da duh … that is rich, deep, complex and understood for what it really is deep inside.Drawer-19-300x233

Our world is a construct of our imagination. Everything involving human action is a construct. We’ve made up numbers, words, physical structures, social structures, ideas, emotions, economies, borders, likes and dislikes, loves and hates, institutions
– all made up.

William Shakespeare’s eternal truth resonates – “All the World’s a Stage”.

The earth is literally our mother. We were produced by the earth, fathered by the sun and universe. We are a species that has evolved from the matter of the universe. That is the foundation of who we are. We are one among an infinite range of living species.
That is what we are. All we are. That is enough to begin…



just !


it ?

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2 thoughts on “Figments

  1. Alan, great post. My opportunities emerging, but now hampered by computer problems. We are each worlds, not persons living on worlds.

    What are the worlds of Trump supporters? It isn’t what Trump says that is of concern, it is that many people are attracted to him (not necessarily to what he specifically says). Another step in Naomi Wolf’s steps towards fascism?

    Dialog related to my published chapter in The Spanda Journal has dominated my attention.

    Hope all is going well. Larry

  2. Congrats on a nice chapter in The Spanda Journal. If we pull back, the media and mechanisms of most communications and political processes give us DT. I will acknowledge the existence of a slate of possible R presidential candidates, none of whom are as smart, as generous or as systemically astute as millions of fellow Americans, and none of whom are capable of bettering our nation or our world. It is insanity to focus on them. Better to focus on NETS objectives, and look for candidates who practice NETS in their own lives, and would practice NETS for all of us. Only Hillary, Bernie, Joe, Elizabeth and their like are capable of building a better world for all.

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