All living things carry an inheritance that governs their behavior. 

We possess an adaptive patchwork of biological programming that affects how we experience and interact with the world. In addition to our genetic inheritance, we rely on another inheritance- the fabric of life experience and acquired systems that guides us through our lives. Culture, relationships, education, language and institutions are passed down through generations, forming the world we live in today. This inheritance is rich, but it also limits our potential by leading us to believe that this is the way life and civilizations must be. 

The world has changed, but our genetic programming and many of our cultural systems have not.

In some ways we have adapted to interact with a world we no longer inhabit. In this complex world, we know less than we think we know, and more importantly, much less than we could know. 

On an individual level inheritance also takes the form of a roll of imbalanced dice. A few of us receive a rich inheritance. Most of us are handed an inheritance with limited choices. Some of us find ourselves in survival mode from birth. 

The momentum of our genetics and inherited social and economic systems push us to continue living as we always have, seeing the world we live in today as the only construction of reality.

We call these combined forces SLANT. 


We still allow geographic borders to divide and polarize people of different nations, rather than embracing all inclusively.

We are genetically programmed to consume unhealthy processed foods even though we have an abundance of more healthy alternatives.

We still transport and dispose of human waste through plumbing systems rather than harnessing our waste for sustainable fertilizer and protecting the purity of limited water sources. 

We play games solely as a leisure activity, rather than combining that leisure aspect with an effort to solve real world problems.

NETS+ - Version 4

The Wayfinder Project aims to step out from the momentum of inheritance and counter the detrimental influences of SLANT. By revolutionizing how we cooperatively organize knowledge, humankind can do a better job surviving, growing and making our way through the world without illusions. Let’s embrace systemic perspectives, imagination and creativity, as we consciously consider SLANT while pulling Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems into the forefront of thought and action.

Take a look at our SLANT primer. Wayfinder pulls against SLANT’s push.

WAYfinder - Version 8

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