Nothingness, in a very real sense, does not exist.

When we think of outer space, especially as it has been portrayed in film and television, we think of an inky blackness- an utter lack of anything. Most of us have come to believe that between the planets and the stars there is nothing but a bit of space dust, macro and micro meteoroids and passing molecules. We have been led to believe there is such a thing as a vacuum in space.

When we think about the air around us, we tend to think that it is mostly empty. We have been told there are dust and particulates, microbes and gases. But between the molecules and atoms of everything around us, we have come to believe there is nothing. We all have seen molecular and atomic models and they never show anything other than spheres of matter that spin, revolve or bond. We have come to believe there is nothing between them. 

When we ask how light travels across space and time, through the nothingness of space and time, we are told it travels in wave packets. And when a child in Japan keys morse code through a powerful transmitter into a backyard antennae, we are told the electromagnetic discharges from the transmission travel in waves thousands of miles wide, fill every nook and cranny of open space, and can be received in their entirety by a little wire placed anywhere within billions of cubic feet of space.

Wayfinder believes that there is no nothing. We believe particles, truly solid pieces of matter, do not exist. And we think there is no such thing as waves of nothing, propagating through nothing, so what is a wave? What is going on? How can the very foundation of science and our universe be so incredibly ill-explained?  The implications of this are profoundly exciting. The world we thought we knew a bit about is suddenly open for fresh discussion.

Imagine before you a glass container a foot wide, deep and long. Open it and catch a cubic foot of air. What do you imagine you will find in there if we apply every sensor and instrument we have to detect the things hidden within that cubic foot?

Dust Particles
Electromagnetic Waves Galore/Radiation
Atomic and Subatomic Matter
A Mosquito (if you were not careful)

And maybe a glimmer of the molasses Higgs field along with  fabrics and energies that exist in dimensions and states we cannot even conceive of.


We now have substantial evidence of the presence of the Higgs Field, an invisible ‘molasses’ that permeates everything. The interactions between matter and this field are the source of mass. More than anything else, though, it reinforces what we already know- that the universe isn’t filled with ‘nothing’.

Humanity’s understanding of physics is always advancing, and it is becoming harder and harder to incorporate new ideas into the lives of everyday people. The cutting edge of physics isn’t exactly accessible to most. It’s dense, it’s weird, and it is communicated through a specialized, esoteric language. But it does not have to be difficult. Semiotics can simplify complexity.

Visualization can portray scores of variables with their essential meanings in an instant. Humans are wired to process visual patterns and their complexities. Building a language that enables us to describe and communicate how light travels into and through leaves is best accomplished through active systemic visual representations – not limited to words or charts.

We are creating semiotic models that tap the full cognitive potential of people. We feel that, as citizens of the universe, we should be able to understand it. As we build these models and as our knowledge grows, our ability to represent and understand what is really going on, and what we do not know, will keep pace with discovery, complexity and imagination.

For now, we are about to embrace some new paradigms that we have only just begun to comprehend.





We will have to invent new words, new models and new meanings for the forms of matter and energy, and dimension that we are about to discover and someday understand. 

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” — Arthur C. Clarke. Everything that the universe is composed of will slowly reveal itself through understandings that we do not now have words for or imaginations big enough to comprehend or instruments capable of detecting. The generative dynamic behind everything is magical and mostly unknown. We may be able to explain the behaviors of some of the mysterious constructs but may never be able to fully understand them.

Let’s take a fresh look at the universe and create generative semiotic models to tell the story.

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 9.50.11 PM



wayfindergreen - Version 2

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6 thoughts on “Nothing Is Nothing

  1. Lovely beginning in understanding nothing and the magic of being universal citizens. The role of the observer in consciousness is the new emergent paradigm in my assessment which totally transforms current historical cultural representational assumptions in designing a world together. This why I invite us to consider that the biological unitary epistemology of autopoiese is an introductory explanation of the magic happening in the molecular dynamics temporality of living architectures.

    Dr Quantum – Double Slit Experiment explains the notion (5 min)
    Thanks and very helpful in understanding Y Worlds notion of semiotic models.

  2. Nothing/Everything! had to comment on that topic. Im glad y worlds really is thinking as big as I thought it was. Its massive! (but its also so big Im not sure where to begin..)
    ..yep I totally agree with all.. there is an emerging paradigm happening… a huge one.. scary, but in a good way. Its a big epiphany coalescing out of all the different threads of thought and perception.
    My impression is that the y worlds models reflect/suggest that tip-of-the-tongue thing …the signal-in-the-noise thing… that more people are sensing. …
    Id imagine an accurate representation should be able to extrapolate/infer and render one region by looking at adjacent regions, for example. like a virtual “mirror image” of the reality that can be generated/degenerated as required (?)
    Recognising that the current scientific models are flawed is a great step. Science has good principles -if they are followed. Those issues in physics are a serious problem!
    -and they flow on to make our words and our perceptions flawed as a result.

  3. Physics is one domain of linguistic explanation of truth and reality happening in our languaging together. Not necessarily the best authority to use in human conversations as awakening observer’s coordinating trusted commitments in effective actions together. Once again Y the unitary epistemology of Autopoiese is fundamentally a molecular dynamic approach as “living autopoietic identities and narratives” in temporality capable of “observing being observers” in assumptive theoretical indoctrinated representations in the stories we worship and fear. Maybe it’s time to grow up mature, be whole and transcend the nightmare we invented that has no power in designing a future Y World together in a creative generative commons. To accomplish that we must come to some agreement regarding the “Truth of Being Human Beings in Live Speech Acts in Manner of Human Appreciative Dignity Questioning Truth and Reality.”

    Check out “Origin Symposium III – Humberto Maturana – EN”
    These are simple pics to begin to understand the “Dynamic Temporal Observer” operating the Complex Adaptable System of a Human Being presented from a DEEP Biological Knowing Love Constituting Existence of ALL LIFE in a LIVING UNIVERSE, not a dead one based on indoctrinated theoretical representations.” It’s about owning what owns us. We have two ears and one mouth is a good start in becoming competent observers in appreciative inquiry and dialog in any domain of languaging, anytime, anywhere.

    Another Y World exploratory conversation on “nothingness within everything” is “The Self Poetizing Earth” notion that we are on the verge of transforming technological assumptions capable of destroying the earth! The “Grace Factor” hidden in being autopoietic free self organizing molecular dynamic change agents is about to be freed up with no expectations in wonder and have the time of our lives by healing the “observer errors” in the pathways of our ancestral roots.
    The Self~Poetizing Earth
    Later Mushin

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