This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License and is commercially protected by various patents. is one of our favorite web sites. We visited co-founder Ben Heywood at their offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts a few years ago. PLM uses a maturing peer-to-peer exchange to capture and share case studies, personal stories, questions and answers, statistics, forums, research and correlations across networks of people who have become medical scientists.

The thousands of people scientists contributing to the PLM knowledge portal each have been diagnosed with one of the many medical conditions (see the list below) supported by the site. Millions of people visit the site for knowledge and reference and inspiration — as patients, as caregivers, as medical professionals, as researchers, as learners. Each patient has become a scientist, a doctor, a nurse, a caregiver and a researcher. Patients record and communicate personal information related to their conditions, they capture and share metrics and observations, they interact with others for support and consultation, they introduce more and more information in the search for correlations that can lead to a better understanding of causes, treatments, caregiving , prognosis and self-help.

We use the PLM site for inspiration, and we use the contributors as inspiration. We learn from them that any of us, all of us, not only can become the scientists of our brave new world, but we must become scientists if we are to reach our potential.

The benefit of social networks has yet to be fully exploited to save lives, to solve complex problems, to capture masses of data, to subjectively and objectively observe and record, to share knowledge and to produce a comprehensive visual Centro that synthesizes and maps it all for everyone’s benefit.  This is an important role that WayFinder intends to fulfill, along with several critical companion roles.

The richness of peer science transcends any one category such as health. If we are concerned about the fate of precious bees and birds, or about catastrophic molds and blights, or water quality among scores of pollutants, or growing the most prolific and nutritious foods, or teaching complex problem solving, or choosing the healthiest products, or matching nurture with individual needs, or optimizing a child’s potential, or preparing for pregnancy, or investing in financial futures, or applying proofs to share best knowledge, or finding the best toolkits for anything important, we must choose to participate. Each of us can play an important role that will accelerate the path to our potentials. If groups of us accumulate observations, data and systemic relationships into a Centro, we can expose patterns that generate important new knowledge about cause, effect and both systemic preventions and systemic harms.

Wayfinder is now inviting organizations to partner in order to obtain full knowledge sets from people who experience severe sudden onset symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. It is our hypothesis that certain sudden onsets symptoms, such as the loss of eyesight or extreme fatigue, can be directly related to exposure to variables such as stress traumas, pathogens, toxins or the introduction of new chemical or biological materials that trigger a severe and life long duration autoimmune response. 

The image below represents another health topic, concussions, by lighting in yellow those high level systemic variables in play and by lighting in red the variables harmed by brain trauma. Any significant upper body shake, force or whiplash, any blunt trauma to the head and any specific angled head collision can result in long term irreparable disruption and damage to brain cells and brain and neurological function.

y World model lit up final

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License and is commercially protected by various patents.

All of us are 0-1 degrees of separation removed from one of the following conditions.  We all know people who have to deal with these conditions. We encourage you to spread the word about PLM to patients, families, friends and caregivers. Above all, the objective is prevention. We must do more to connect the dots and the one set of dots that we have connected is the one that directs all of us to avoid introducing into our bodies the chemicals and biological agents, the stresses and traumas, that change our personal systemic equilibriums and incite actions and reactions that we, the nano-macro corporal being, are not programmed and constructed to address.




Developmental and Chromosomal

Digestive and Intestinal

Metabolism and Nutrition

Neurological and Brain

Skin, Hair and Nails

Women’s Health and Pregnancy


WAYfinder - Version 6

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