How do you do?

Let me introduce myself.
Now you tell me about yourself.

So what do we talk about?
What do we want with each other?
What do we need?
How do we connect?
What do we do?

On a societal level, we have this same conversation.
But for many of us, those who want to do good deeds, initiate great deeds, join fabulous organizations, partner in great movements, Nurture ourselves and others, ensure Equality, pursue Truth wherever it takes us, and embrace a rich System understanding of everything complex, the question facing us is:

How do you do it? How do we do it? How do I do it?

Just like when an airplane loses air pressure, put the oxygen on yourself first. Take care of yourself. Nurture yourself. Breath. Find a sustainable situation you can live with. Then take care of the world.


Build relationships with people who believe in Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems and who consciously invest themselves in reaching their potential and consciously invest themselves in you on your journey toward your potential.

Some people will have passion and energy that transfers. Some people will have skill sets to exchange. Some people will have ideas to explore. Some people will have foundations of currency, capital, assets and tangible enterprises that help you not to have to begin from scratch – starting from 0 is hard. Go with momentums and moving energies if they exist and have withstood your due diligence reviews.

Learn all you can. Always.
Teach when the potential difference between you and them means you are needed. 
Find lattices that connect you with your future.

Then look both ways, all ways, all around you, to make sure no truck will hit you, and then take a step or a hop or a skip or a jump, or just dance…

Do something outward.

It can be a momentary thing. 
Or it can have traction and sustainability and robust potential.

1. Write .Talk
2. Enable . Share . Invest
3. Design . Consult . Collaborate. Make
4. Create a concept to bring to life
    Create a service
    Create a product
    Create a system – vertical, horizontal or circular integration

Attract human resources and the necessary capital resources for a SPECIFIC enterprise with SPECIFIC objectives and processes and outcomes that are measurable.

SPECIFIC is tough stuff. 
It cannot be a dream, a wish, a whim, a fashionable statement.

The inherited systems for raising human resources and capital resources are breaking down and the new web enabled local circles and global circles are the emerging systems for borrowing or acquiring necessary resources – you having a great chance to figure this out before they mature into institutional constructs.

SPECIFIC has to claim value, add value, and return value for all parties. The more value the better. SPECIFIC needs to differentiate itself from others. If it does not, join them.

VALUE is in the eye of the beholder. VALUE is the essence of meaning.

If you come from nowhere and start with something, an organization may hire you to work for them. Choose wisely.


If you come from nowhere and start with something, an organization seldom offers an open door to your ideas. You will need to connect with someone who can open the door – an employee, an executive, a person who does business with the organization.

Or you will need to come from somewhere and construct an organization by yourself at first –  by making yourself visible through the internet or videos or writing or networking. Or you can pursue a grant or donation or investment or a collaborative.

But you still must do something. Find a niche, a crack, a fissure or a chasm that you, or a gaggle of yous, can fill. That you can thrive on. Getting the word out should be easy – we have the internet. But it is not so easy.

Enterprise is the model we use for sustainable action, sustainable change, sustainable initiatives, sustainable businesses, sustainable philanthropy, sustainable revolution . Enterprises have objectives that include sustainability, value generation and a process. Our Enterprise model integrates 5 nodes:

Positioning for Future Performance Model

All 5 nodes need to be compiled, activated, synchronized and systemically viable.

VALUE at the end of the day is if someone wants what you have or needs what you have. Or when some neutral or oblivious someone experiences what you have will realize its mutual VALUE – to that person and to you.

Given that the great wealth of the world spins largely in circles of its own making, one opportunity is to deflect or redirect some of that massive currency and capital toward us – the people from nowhere with something valuable to share – SPECIFIC TANGIBLE HIGH VALUE, HIGH RETURN-ON -INVESTMENT ENTERPRISE.

We embrace a hybrid model for all enterprises. 
1) Creative Commons for the people. 
2) Currencies and Capital and Fair Trade and Alternative Currencies to sustain the enterprise           and the people – from the commercial world.

You can be an enterprise. You can craft an enterprise. You can empower an enterprise.

One enterprise opportunity is to build an organic humanistic system for all of us to find each other. Thanks for finding us.

Y Worlds. An Enterprise from Nowhere.

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