I’m in a dark tube being pushed across the sky.
After a long day, it is an even longer night. Heading home finally.
Got the window seat. It’s very late. Underwater quiet.

I am 7 miles above the earth.
Traveling at almost 600 miles an hour.
10 miles a minute.
1 mile every 6 seconds.
880 ft. per second. A slow blink past 3 football fields.
Writing this sentence gets me an earned mile and a freeish travel point. Sweet.

I am approaching one million real Delta miles travelled.
Two trips to the moon and back.

Got 12 peanuts. A dog eared travel mag.
7 ice cubes with an ounce of beverage. Sweet.

The globe beneath has sparkly patterned dots of light.
Some lands have few and far lights and others project the geometries of lifelight. 
Some lands exhale soft-lit wisps of smoke from every hearth while others display the greyscale quilts of farmlife.
Vast stretches are as black as black.

Lifelight invades the dark
Spreading in patterns across unseen geography. Like life.

I imagine what is beneath. 
I imagine the factors driving more and more occupation.
I imagine the life. Mostly sleeping now.
Some dreaming. Some awake. Some flung into space, like me.

I imagine a lost child looking up at the sky.
A little girl following our slow streak of white against black.
Imagining herself to be among the time travelers.  

Overcome by the majesty of it all. Like me.
Ignorant of my sentence to one year of life crammed into a flying tube with a view.
Both aware of her sentence to a harsh inherited life without equality or justice. 


Beholding. Regretting. Sweet.

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