Map Makers are the people of the world who express knowledge and information, interpretation and context, art and science.

They are Visualizers. Generative Coders. Geographic Painters.
Spatial Choreographers. Illustrators and Model Builders. Database Processors. Pattern Makers.

They think of boxes outside the box. They give us perspectives and interactive choices.
If the world is about dimensional exchanges of matter and energy, Map Makers give us space and time, and the essential patterns of meaning.

The best map makers create
richly simple
highly accurate
universally understood
characterizations of their subject.

Their maps interact with
the needs of the user
the value of the information
the relationships among the variables
the various perspectives and layers
to evoke meaning inherent in the design.

Their maps communicate
spectra of validity and goodness
what is
at the surface
systemic beneath the surface

But it is not the maps that are most important.
It is the map makers.
The aggregators
The connectors
The recorders
The visualizers
The translators
of “what is”
into a language
we can understand
we can act on

The truly great map makers
are the bold explorers
of new worlds.

Make a map with us.

Y Worlds ModelsInspiration, KVS Studio, KVS Portfolio.

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