So, if you think life is sweet – it is
But, If you think life is bitter – it is
Or try the mix – bittersweet.

One perspective about life is that it can all be experienced in the living rooms of experience.

BASIC LIFE – the non-mediated 1000 foot bubble experience

There is the reality of what is immediately around you.

There are the tangible objects in the room. 
There are live human interactions. Stories and touch and activity.
There are smells and sounds and memories. There is language.
There is light and bugs and dust. There is space and time and distance.
Maybe a piano or board game.

Walking out the door extends your living room bubble.
Maybe live music. A dirty bar. A trusted school. A mountain to bike. A trip to somewhere.

Each interaction an extension of the previous.
And there is the room in your mind and body and memory that you’re living in –  in constant exchange with.

All without mediation.

MEDIATED LANGUAGE LIFE – the word forms and sound forms enter your living room from afar.

You map these experiences expressed by others into the memory of your life differently because there is a distance – degrees of separation from the source.

These are the sensory experiences that come from beyond the 1000 ft bubble – that pierce the bubble. What you read. What you hear that is transmitted from afar – from other human beings you probably do not know.  Their voice, their written words, their music.

Books, Papers, Magazines, Radios, Music Players, Phones

Other people and experiences come into your living rooms through these forms. You sort them, process them, remember some, which are then mapped into certain corners of your being. Being largely composed of words and music, these experiences are projected into your own unique visualizations and meanings. Books drive imagination. Music drives imagination. Imagination is your consciousness caught in its unique act of processing. Mediated Language Life offers limited sets of vigorous interaction, multimedia, exploration, exchange, magic, complexity, challenge, systemic experience. CAL offers more.

COMPUTER AIDED LIFE – CAL – the interactive digitally programmed experience that expands your living room bubble toward infinity

With CAL, our mediated exchanges are with source human beings, directors, coders, multimedia artists, systemic architects, complexity guides and world builders.

There are at least two layers of mediation with possibly hundreds of people contributing to your experience. Not a single book author, not a garage band of 5, but collectives of technologists, dreamers, storytellers, user designers, science fiction translators and creative wonders.

Computing, Gaming, Multimedia, Cameras, Smart Phones, Smart Machines, Gaming, Electronic Media

CAL brings us a variant of life that is as real as day. Walk down a digital street and a lot can happen. Walk down an analog street and usually less, much less stimulation, is happening. Interact with a wonderous and kind digital being, or a multiplayer partner from Ethiopia, and you find your bubble has expanded deep and wide. Try to interact with an analog stranger and you find averted eyes. Our mind locks in on the digital and it draws us inside its reality.


It is not touch. It is not human warmth. But on two of three dimensions it can and will try.

It expands the living room bubble across the world to people and places. It constructs places and experiences and challenges and sounds and colors and alternatives that fill the bubble of life.

It is not better than life without mediation. It is simply life with mediation.


Y Worlds. Blowing bubbles into living rooms everywhere.

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3 thoughts on “Living Rooms

  1. Musicians give there nervous systems totally up in an autopoietic manner to give soulful presence to what we all feel and can’t express in the cultural matrix. Every niche in song is valid even the screamers in hard metal music, underneath is a the same invisible cryfor freedom, love, equality, truth and self regulation as an autopoietic identity and narrative. We want to love and be loved. Jack your like meeting a friend in the 3rd to 6th grade where our curiosity is fresh and to be honest CAL is way beyond my pay grade. I still type with two fingers and hand held computing with millions of APP’s is not my game.

    So here is a couple new ballons to pump you up before the weekend as you work this afternoon that are good follow ups to the bittersweet of no change of mold!

    Sex and violence


    Have a good weekend Mushin

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