Web MD offers this definition of Placebo:

A placebo is anything that seems to be a “real” medical treatment — but isn’t. It could be a pill, a shot, or some other type of “fake” treatment. What all placebos have in common is that there’s nothing in them that can treat a medical condition.

We believe this common definition from a medicine centric organization is an example of SLANT, an inherited non-systemic way of looking at the world – WRONG.



Two wise older women, an extraordinary couple, one short with long grey hair past her shoulders, the other, a tall wizardly character with deep wrinkled blue eyes, decided that what their beloved and burdened neighborhood needed was a Placebo Magic Store. They just opened such a store in an abandoned factory in the hard part of town. Their Placebo Magic Store store was filled with all kinds of placebos and magics, a candy store of delights for the mind and body.

Down one long row were pills of all shapes and sizes.
Down other rows were herbs and concoctions and physical and mental therapists with chairs and massage tables and smells and sounds.
In the back were the magics.
And at each of every 20 or so corners of the store were large red chairs that contained all spectrums of male and female wizards.

As you know, behind magic is reality.
And as you may not know, behind placebo is reality.

The two wise women and their wizardly compatriots knew that in order for magic and placebo to work, the reality behind them has to be believed.

Rabbits cannot come out of an empty hat, but they do.

Sugar pills cannot diminish pain, but they do.

Words and touch cannot heal, but they do.

Their store had pills and concoctions for every illness under the moon.
Some of the pills held medicine. Some of the pills held sugar. Some were labelled according to their content and purpose, while others were labelled as placebos and the prices were jumbled just like wines at a wine store – rich satisfying wines can be found for $5 or $5,000. You never know which is which.

The magics were equally and surprisingly displayed. One could not tell the real reality from the perceived reality. Some of the magics were real – like eavesdropping on the beacons of other people’s thoughts via transmissions of sound and pattern. Other magics were illusions – portraying all sorts of traditional measures showing the absolute health of a person – while actually inside that person a terrible illness was about to unfold.

The women knew that the magics and placebos required a human dimension in order for them to fully and effectively work.
So each and every placebo and each and every single magic in the store was only to be sold after the customer interacted with the wizards in the red high chairs throughout the store. While some of the wizards were highly trained traditional and non traditional physicians and psychologists, many others were masters of the arts and sciences of magic and placebo and touch and reprogramming.

The wizards gave you what you needed.

If you were ill, they shared their systemic knowledge and full spectrum of treatments, shared intimate details of their experiences with the illness, and injected hugs and hopes and determination and acceptance. They joined you in your life. You improved.

If you were depressed, instead of $40,000 in therapy and prescriptions per year, they joined you in your life as a beloved partner. You improved.

If you wanted to save the bees, they explained all that must be done, that all is possible, and took lengthening strides with you. Bees thrived.


If you were in pain, they offered curative treatments but also magics and medias and placebos to distract and derail your mind and body from pain. You improved.

If you were one of a billion smokers putting poisons into your body, they raced back in time to program you in your youth to never once swallow poison – you were too precious to yourself and others, they would say. You, the future generation you’s, were reprogrammed from birth to not harm yourself.

If you were a hater, a poisoner, they hugged you till it hurt, and then sucked the poisons out of you through the majesty of learning through never-ending intimate brokered relationships. Your hate diminished.

If you were cold, they delivered warmth. Yoga. Meditation. Massage. Heat. Touch. Music. Sound. Color. Art. Starbucks.

If you were traumatized, they prevented it by anticipating it, and if that failed they reprogrammed the trauma, introducing overriding images and memories that either erased the trauma from your conscious and subconscious, or dulled it until it was bearable or discardable.

The Placebo Magic Store became the most popular store in the neighborhood. Not just for the reaction to a problem with treatments, but for preventions and front loaded nurtures. It became the most successful store by every measure of life on earth. It brought knowledge and compassion and relationships and serious objectives together with hopes and dreams and love of self and sharing under one profound roof. The two women and their Placebo Magic Store became the vanguard for a new movement that seamlessly connected the mind with the body with life on earth. No corrupt purposes, no victimization, no lies.


The degrees of separation from harm are prevention first, treatment second, acceptance last.

Our body, our essential being, is an integral system of  Conscious, Subconscious and Corporal. These 3 constructs are distinct yet inseparable.

To consider the factors that cause a person or organization to perform above or below potential, one must factor their Conscious, Subconscious and Corporal …. capacities, states, genetic and life experience programming, the energies and exchanges of their environment, momentums, biological interactions, matter/energy interactions, nutrients and self programming.

The Conscious existence of hope can induce a person to try harder to be well, stay well. 
The Subconscious existence of hope can induce the autonomic systems within a person to modify our states and programming toward wellness.
 The Corporal states of a person (composed of systems from nano to macro) are irrefutably affected by our Conscious and Subconscious states.
 The body reshapes its functions when severe stress exists. The Conscious and Subconscious systemic states of a person are irrefutably affected by our Corporal states. Living with sensations of pain alters the functions of the Conscious and Subconscious.

When a trusted person such as a parent, a religious authority, a physician, a teacher, a friend or media personality (or wizard) tells you with conviction that if you do something specific that they prescribe, you will receive in return a specific or generalized benefit, that exchange functions as programming. The programming is strongest when your Conscious and Subconscious fully believe what they told you, and if you act on the prescription. The catch is that most of what you are told with unfounded conviction is systemically untrue.

If the trusted party tells you to take a pill that will improve your condition, you have become programmed to take the pill and begin a systemic acceleration toward the prescribed outcome.

The magnificently complex mechanisms of our body are programmed and wired, literally, to translate stimuli and conditions across and among the spectra of our Conscious, Subconscious and Corporal.


For example, there is no single condition called “depression”. There are hundreds of variants of  ”depressions” of the mind and body. Each variant triggers changes in biomes, chemicals, proteins, hormones and transfers of matter and energy that may result in a chain of reactions that cause harm. If while “depressed” you dream of a cup of hot chocolate with a loved one on a cold day in a warm kitchen, it will have a potentially greater counteraction to the depressed state than a real cup of Swiss Miss hot chocolate. There is no such thing as a continuous static state when in comes to humans, life. Every moment is filled with changes, ups and downs, deep within the being, with balances and equilibriums lost and achieved throughout the systems at every level of understanding – from nano to macro.


Longitudinal pain causes changes in one’s Corporal functionality, and it also affects Conscious and Subconscious functioning. By changing the focus of our Conscious and Subconscious through stimulation and experiential therapy, we can reprogram ourselves to experience less pain and less systemic trauma from the source of pain. Less pain. No aspirin required.

We embrace and are part of incredible advances in medicine and science and human and living dynamics. Nothing we are saying in this thought piece suggests we abandon any knowledge based interventions, in fact we urge all of us, through sharing, to become our own scientists and researchers and explorers of systemic insight into ourselves and everything around us.  But we urge everyone not to ignore but to embrace the impact of touch, caring, the simple exchanges of everlasting support and acknowledgement, that often go missing throughout SpaceShip Earth.  One on One with ourselves, or One on One with another, is an elegant organic vitalizing way to experience hope and will and love. Hope does not require a discarding of knowledge, it requires an accurate recognition of harming realities or potentialities and the will to extract a path to the future that involves your actualized consciousness.

The most powerful and cost effective pill in the world is the intimate Placebo. 
The most powerful medicines in the world are the Placebos of Hope . Will . Love.

Every human life on earth will be better, no matter how dire their circumstances or how resilient and strong they are, if with our help they can move their consciousness and subconsciousness toward a wilfull embrace of the realities of their existence, which always includes the good, the bad, the tiniest hopes and the biggest dreams.

Y Worlds. Hope . Will . Love.


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